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  • Rupam
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Set 1


I have not solved the problem myself.Actually it was sent to the mail box of one of my friend from this particular website.But they have not provided him with the solution but only the answer and it is indeed 1/2.


No the answer is 1/2.Thanks for the try.

Hello all,who visit this forum often. I am trying to solve one problem but failed.The problem goes in the following fashion.


Hello All, the aspirants of MBA.First of all best of luck to all of you in this community called Pagalguy-a sarcastic name though.I am Rupam Bhattacharjee, a resident of Karimganj,Assam.But there is something of much more importance than this simple and benign introduction. There is problem,sent to the mail of one of my friend few days back, which I am not able to solve. The problem goes like this.

f{f(x,y),f(y,x)}=1-f(x,y);f(1,1)!= 1; f(1,1)=?

The second statement is abvious from the problem statement itself. I shall be extremely glad and thankful if somebody helps me with the solution.