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Hey Jamiroquai!!

Thanks a ton for the information that ur giving out!!! Nothing less than social service to the confused people who want to get into IB but have neither the background nor knowledge(a.k.a ME!! :)) By the way I am @rochester simon doing my first year!! Are u in stern??

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Workexp 4 years in technology services for a bank
Interviewd via skype on 14th march

well, it would be a little hectic to be part of the accelerated program but i feel its better than not doing an mba as i am quite keen to do my mba soon. Also, simon is definately good school to pursue an mba from. I have written back to them that i am keen to be considered for the jan session. now they would consider me and come back with the final decision in the next 1-2 weeks

Thanks for the info buddy, wish u all the success...

Hi naga!

I am from chennai and intend to write L1 this december. Could u please suggest some coaching class for me to join or mail-id of any self study group?. I am a software engineer and have no financial knowledge whatsoever. Thanks in advance

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rajat_kalia Says
got a mail sayin they unable to offer me a seat in fall 2011 and as an alternative i can be considered for jan 2012 entry. i need to confirm if i want to be considered and based on that they would release my final admission decision.

can u share ur profile with u rajat! and how do u think to u will go about the decision considering that the jan course will be an accelerated one?

Hello puys!! I am looking for someone to form a study group. Intend to write L1 this december. If anyone of u is from chennai, pls contact me

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CFAa Says
Finally got my hands on CFA curriculum books, Schweser notes 2011, Schweser Question bank Pro 2011 and Stalla notes 2011.. I am planning to give the exam in Dec 2011.. But, as anyone can see, no exam center from India has been listed for Dec exams.. When I asked frens, some of them said it's the same every year. They will be listed after the first dead line.. Is it true? If not, I might as well go for June exams.. Please reply quick as the second deadline for June is approaching pretty quick..

I am also planning to write exam in dec! How hav u been preparing?? joined any class? if so which one? BTW I am venkat from chennai
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MBA@US2011 Says
best of luck

Got the decision 2day W A I T L I S T E D. Anyone else in the same boat?? pls reply!!

Thanks a lot man. Had my intvw on 22nd and It was exactly as u said it would be. Almost very same questions! Just one that I did not expect, He asked me about the other colleges that I applied. Beyond that I think it was pretty OK. Fingers crossed.

Yes it is the same. No need to add any prefix/ suffix.
Do well
Best of Luck!

Thanks pal..did u have ur interview?? If so pls gimme some tis on how to go about it? If u can PM me I will call u about the same...

Hello friends!!! need some help. Just got a interview from simon. They have asked me for my skype id. Is skype id same as skype name? I mean if my skype name is like "abc", then is it ok to just give them abc or do I need to add a suffix or something?