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finally converted today morning....

I'm coming by bus to GOA..Can anyone please tell me were to get down from the below dropping points.

2. Margao
3. Panjim
4. Mapusa

I'll reach early morning...

as jatin mentioned...these queries are being discussed in the fb group..please join that..
congratulations btw
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alexiskurien Says
What are the hotels to stay near campus? Are there bus services from campus to Ponda or Panaji?

sadly there are no hotels near campus...preferably stay near panjim where u can easily get a cab..
and bus service is from sanquelim to panjim and ponda..this is the local goan bus service..
dreamtoachieve Says
if i dont withdraw my name from the waitlist and i dont convert either, then will my name automatically be removed and the money (50k) refunded to me after 10th of june??

yes..your money will be refunded after the 10th of june in case you do not convert..
i have changed my mobile number and i am trying to call jenni mam/ admission office/admistration office but nobody picking up the phone.

Plz seniors help me . i want to update my number in GIM directory.

plz plz plz plz help.

the quickest way to update your number in the "GIM directory" is to call Jenny ma'am and inform her of your change in number..

all the best!

*duplicate post*

Hey Seniors,

I believe GIM has tie-ups with some international universities for student exchanges. Have there been exchanges in your batch? what is the procedure?

yes there are such programs - to germany, belgium, portugal, and china.
the germany and portugal exchanges happen during the summer months of april and may, and the belgium exchange happens during the period of october to december. i am not too sure about the one to china tho. sorry.

the procedure is that the interested students have to submit a statement of purpose and are then interviewed. those selected also must undergo foreign language classes pertaining to the country they are to go to. in fact, even for the belgium exchange - the students have already been selected.

right now there are 7 students in germany and portugal. 2 of them puys - lincoln in germany and levllyn in portugal.
for further details, please pm them.

for all the converted and check out our college blog...especially the first article..

Konnect2GIM: My First Day@GIM

welcome to GIM

Some videos to reduce our anxiety...


In which month did u guys (Batch of 2012) shifted to new campus...
And is some work still going on...

Just out of track but I reckon sometimes being different helps...

we were the inaugurators of the sanquelim campus so to speak (pioneers of the sanquelim green campus )...we started in july and we went to sanquelim staight away.. is still going on...only for the recreation centre...but work has been going on 24x7 so hopefully by the time you guys join...even that would be ready
Yes bro agreed
Most IIM's, XLRI, and many others had their results after 15th
So we can expct sum gud movement

another factor which really helped us wait-listers last year was the 3 new IIM's...that really sped up the wait list!
hopefully this year too there should be good movement..all the best..
Anything similar on the Systems front? If the answer is No, then generally what do students (who take IT as minor) prefer while selecting majors?

There is a general perception which I have heard that Marketing + IT is a better combination than Finance + IT. It would be great if we get to hear your views on this.

Also would there be any kind of counseling provided to help us choose the specialization?

Vishal Pathak.

Sorry, nothing similar for Systems. The reason why effort was being put in for Operations is that quite a lot of students demanded it. Nothing of that sort happened for Systems.
I don't know the accurate figures for the Majors with Systems as Minors - I suggest you mail the Placement Cell for that They would be able to answer your query of Marketing+IT vs Finance+IT as well.
As far as counselling goes - the faculty is very approachable They would be able to guide you the best!
Hope this helps..