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you can PM me your query... i am nitie passout

Hi puys n seniors,
any senior frm NITIE
Plz help me.its vry urgent.
Need 2 talk 2u.
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Hindi is perfectly fine... mine is also in Hindi... did my graduation from NIT trichy (Tamil NAdu ) nobody understands hindi over there (or dont want to understand .. whatever the case is) then did PG from NITIE ... again no issues... universities/colleges under central govt would never reject caste certificate in hindi.

only thing is that it should mention ur name and caste clearly. and to be on safer side u can always get an affidavit in support of it.

roby_chillz Says
I have my caste certificate in 'Hindi', will that be a problem later?
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beta apply to kar... this is something u can never change... but cat is something which u can tackle... baad ki baad main dekhna
all the best!

i have
70% in 10th
61% in 12th
70% in btech...
i think mere poor acedemic ko dhek ke..none of the IIM call ...i can even think off...AR rating meri max 8 hi ja rahi hai bas..i m fresher ..
plz expert help..put some light on it..plzz
IIM C tha woh b gaya is saal se..
I M an SC candidate ..plz!!
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certificates in regional langauges are accepted by central institutes.. but it is advised to get it translated in english or atleast have an affidavit stating ur name caste etc along with the certificate.
also getin touch with the institute for more information

Hello seniors ,

I belong to SC catagory and i got my caste certificate from Tashildar of my Taluk , Tamil Nadu in 1997 . The problem now is everything(Name , Name of the caste/tribe,District and the State or Union Territory of your ordinary residence) is written in TAMIL in my caste certificate . what should i do now ?Will this suffice or IIM C expects us to have the cartificate written in English.
Thanks in advance.
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folowing are the institutes with 1 yr course
4)Great lakes
5)S.P Jain (they have a globa lMBA programme UAE/singapore) jsut refer to thier site if they offer 1 yr course in india as well

all the above colleges would accept GMAT scores for executive MBA

I have an experience of 4years..and 2months..but most of the iims are asking for a minimum of 5years..and above..some ask for 7years getting into executive programs...i will have to wait for one more year..i do not wish to apply for foreign universities..i do not have any idea or list of colgs in india..which offer 1year courses..from cat/ can guide me in this that would be really helpful
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you dont have to solve each and every question... select the question and focus on accuracy. and there is no benchmark that solving x no of question would fetch u a call from a particular IIM.

hi puys,
i m preparing for cat 11 and also i have written a no. of mocks but the problem is that in all the mocks i m unable to solve all the questions .out of 30 questions i m only able to do 17-18 questions in each part.i m doing practice but still i want to know " what should be the minimum attempt to get into top iim? ":(my accuracy is 14 -15 questions right,most of the time is squandered in DI part)

second thing is that passage is a big problem for me..failed most of the time to get right ans so what to do?
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coulkd you please name the company or the sector you are working on? or have worked in past?

anitadhiman1987 Says
Pure Consulting .... pure business data we deal with here....
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u can join and continue ur prep alongwith the job. 1 year of work ex would look much better than 1 yr of just sitting and preparing for cat.

Hi brothers...
I have completed my btech with 62%
i am currently preparing for cat.
I have been placed in ust and they called me to join next month.
I belong to sc category.
My academic history is as follows
10 - 85%
12 - 80%
I want to make into any IIMs or FMS. and i thiink if i dnt get admission to any of these, i would better start working with ust. Now i need ur valuable suggestions
should i join ust now or continue with my cat preparations??
Thank you in advance
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u have very good score... just work on basics of quants...
B and L are something from whichi u can get a call even with ur low percentile .. provided u clear all the cutoffs but aim to get a higher percentile...
try to understand the concpets solve simple problems to build confidence

Hi seniors,
My Xth score - 94.6
XIIth - 92.6
Grad - 7.3 ( )
I belong to SC category and I gave a shot at CAT last year but managed to get around 73 percentile.
Verbal was around 88, DI 76 something, Quants was terrible.. Managed to get only 36 percentile.
I'm kinda allergic towards math, though i managed to get good marks in tenth and twelfth, but I know I've to make it to be there.. Pl guide me through as to what I shud do to increase my Quants sectional. I have been solving TIME material and Im attending Byju's classes this year, and I put around 3 hours of prep on quants alone but then Im not sure as to what strategy I have to follow to make it happen. Im kinda good at verbal and DI is kinda manageable. I am planning to attempt FMS, JMET and TISS this year. There are only 3 months remaining and I cannot let this year go as I did last year

Thanks in advance.
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if ur concepts are strong u r good at QA. and be it any book concepts are same. if u think ur concepts are not strong thn pick up any basic book and start with simple questions. first learn topics like ratio and proportions, percentages, equations.. u wont get direct questions on these topics but these are topics which can be used to solve other questions ... for eg lot of questions on triangles can be solved by using ratio in seconds. best books i would say NCERT books. one you solve a question first solve by a conventional method... thn try to find if any other method is there or any shortcut....

Hi puys

I would like to knw which among following book is best for QA terms of conceptual clearity making one strong in QA.Seniors what was ur exp ?

1) Arun sharma's 2) Quantum by Sarvesh Verma 3) QA by Nishit Sinha
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