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Just had a word. No more wait list would be rolled out now. So all the best for other avenues. Do not get disappointed.

Even if there are some cancellations still there won't be more in takes ?? :(
well i gss i was suppose to be where i m now . all the best for all

hi Rubal , ny chances of intake of more students

ksrinu Says
Hi Rubal,Waiting for info from you,Please update if any

Waiting for ur say Rubal .
Anyone called up . I will tomo try to call them up .
As it is only 8th today, offer would still be accepted till 5 pm, and subsequent checking would be over on Monday only. So any further info regarding next wait list, if any, would be communicated on/after Monday only. Would try to get the same on Monday and update you here as and when I obtain such an info. All d best.

Hi Rubal kindly provide any updates if possible about more intake .

hoping for little luck now

harshil shah Says
yup i am selected..and i will join..has anybody got the mail from iit kanpur? because they told (in phone)that every body would get the mail by today morning....wondering..

Did they call you ?

Rubal kindly update if they ll call the people who r offered in WL2 or they will wait till 8th july ?

@ bakconfig :- I guess there will not be list they will start making calls now if needed
bakconfig Says
Is the waitlist of IIT K cleared completely or there are some people left who are still waitlisted.

Ya I m one . I couldn't make it thru WL2 Also . Congrates to others .

Rubal IS there ny hope for getting converted ?
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rubal i understand ur situation......

thanks is an understatement for all the efforts u r pouring in fr us....
I'ld be proud to have a senior like u...wish to clear the waiting....

I would say the same . Its really good to have you Rubal . And See Professors Should be the reason to join the College and not administration . Professors are really good .

I also called up admin office today (sorry to update now ) and to my surprise this time she wasn't rude and told me that Director is out of campus and list would come out by this weekend . I have to leave my home on friday to take up my last back up . So its gonna be long day for me . Keeping my fingers crossed
maverickDell Says
Extremely disappointing. last date for submitting fees was 14th June. They have taken 14 days(still counting) for releasing the next WL.. Maybe it is the first time for them, but still should not take this much time.

Hi All ,
Even I had called admin office . from last one week i m hearing that approval is pending not at all fair . not at all . Rubal please help get us some more updates and kindly ask them to tell a proper date so that we don't go thru what we are going thru that too every day .

HI ,

Site not opening guess wait will be over soon