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Would be Class of 2013!!! All the best with the results.. !! Hope to see many of you during the

ISB Co2012

Class of 2013 aspirants,

For those of you who may have missed this-

To help prospective students on their journey, I had started an initiative called ISBConnect at ISB to help connect prospective students with current students. I had also created a thread on the PG forum to help prospective students with any questions or doubts that they had. You will benefit from visiting the following link and reading through all the discussions.


I encourage all of you to continue to post your queries on the ISBConnect thread so that it can remain as a one-stop repository for everything ISB.

All the best to all you on your journey! Feel free to reach out to me for any help you many need.



Pagalguy forum for ISB aspirants does not look too active this year or am I missing something?

Anyways folks,
Please take advantage of Roshan's ISB Connect initiative as much as you can in your preparation for ISB.

I am a current student @ ISB and I can vouch for Roshan's dedication & knowledge in this regard.

Warm regards,
harshg Says
@ross. Aren't u on the facebook group, there is something planned today at koramangala. Catch hold of shashwat dixit if you are not on the group, he is the one organisisng the get together

No not on the facebook group.. u have his number of something?
at dis stage dats it....i deposited the 2L ystrday..guess we shud get our ids by Monday eod or tuesday morning..thngs will strt moving frm dere..dere r 3 pre-term tests we are supposed to take by March 27th..stats, quant and a/c...

n yes, u cn buk ur travel tickets also...9th is d day we have to be dere as registration takes plac then..

yeah 9th morning I will be there.. but what about the stay and all that.. wen are we supposed to get the rooms etc? Also what test are we talking about here? quant i can deal with anytime... stats and a/c are a freaking pain :)

Do we have any meet in bangalore before we leave for hyd?
@ rossISB

I used the same scanned copy that I had used at the time of application. Mine went smoothly. If its already the required size and not working you should talk to the Adcom.

I tried the same but it didnt work.. but finally managed to edit it in the photoshop .. and uploaded it and it worked. Finally offer acceptance is done 2Lac transferred... anything else we need to do or just wait for further instructions? I am neck deep in work.. so cannot check al the forums..
singhsid Says
I don't think the adcom will consider this to be a very strong reason for deferring admission by a year. My advice would be to talk to your HR and submit the resignation asap or explore some options where you will be allowed to leave earlier by having a part of your final salary docked.

folks I am facing a wierd problem.. I am unable to upload my scanned signature after accepting the offer. Its keeps giving the error message saying it shud be 150 x 50 pixels. But my scanned image is 150 x 50 pixel.. any ideas?
bahut bahut badhai salman bhai :)) welcome aboard :

ths is a well deserved admit, i must say. I have been benefited by your advise and help during my application phase, n i m really happy for u today:cheerio:

Join me on facebook and i will add you to the ISB co2012 group
Vivek Sinha | Facebook


Thanks man :cheerio: yeah finally made it..

U deserve it Salman....Cheers!!

Well I also got my Reject :-)

Thanks a lot.. I thot u already got in.. dont worry abt it... application season starting again soon.. u will make it this year.. u have a great profile.. :thumbsup:
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Folks I got my admit!!!

guys.. what are the groups and stuff that are existing for the admits? please post the links.. also any bangalore folks wanna catch up?

I got in too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys from bangalore.. wanna meetup? and Our life is gonna be hectic for now money.. notice period, relocation etc. Awesome feeling though

Congrats everyone!!

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