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Could you please update the final placement results

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Could you please tell about the placements for 2009 -2010 batch. which all companies participated? What was the batch size for 2009-10?

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thanks bharath.aitha

For people working in IT field how many years of experience is required.
I heard like ISB made it like 6 years for IT guys. Is it true

thanx dear

you said you were working with a new company while you were working for TCS. can we do like that

Thanks mustang-It does not matter what I do for a living, as long as i do what my heart says!ISB, anyday is ISB

"Heart has its reason,which reason knows nothing of"- this was infact one of the essays at Gr8Lakes

Lemme tell u something..I started building my profile for ISB 2 years ago-I was a techie then disgruntled with work though working for a big brand-decided to join a start up for better roles though the pay was much lesser.did, Presales,Business Development, also did some consulting assignments for clients
In 2007 I had just 3 months exp in the startup and I knew I was not ready for ISB yet.Then I took up additional responsibilities at work to build my profile.

After the interview, I knew I'd not be rejected rightaway as I met all their eligibility criteria .Only two things would happen:

A wailtlist & then a Ding with a possible feedback indicating there should be more energy during the discussion-I was actually quite nervous during the interview (Tip: If you are putting on blazer pls ensure you are comfortable by trying out a few times before the mirror at home.Else a plain shirt would do-I was not comfirtable with blazer at all .I felt it was stifling me)

A selection - I felt confident I had a very good profile and I had put in dedicated efforts towards the application.After the intial nervousness I felt confident again,especially after solving a puzzle the interviewer gave me.

But yea I had my exit options,If not ISB I'd have joined IFMR for their Financial Engineering prog-the course content is just awesome and so are the faculty handling them

To reiterate- It does not matter what I do for a living as long as I keep doing what I'm passionate about

Thanks a ton dude!
yup...really struggling hard to look useful in my office professional help ofr essays - In fact I was passionately involved in writing my own essays- I didn;t even give my essays to my friends for feedback.I had to do a couple of re-drafts through to fit to the word-limit

I think my essays were my strength.In fact during my Great lakes inteview, the prof said "It was pleasure reading your essays"

I had applied to only 3 schools this year:
ISB - converted
Great lakes- Converted.
IFMR -Financial Engineering -Shortlisted for interview on march 9th. -Am opting out of this though.


congratz iamwhatithink

can u pls tell wht all things should be included in our essay for ISB or Great lakes

hi frds
is it true that all IIM take students using their GMAT score?

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hi friendz i am roshan
i am final year student in engineering , wish to do MBA .
hope we will have a nice time here