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Someone mentioned in the google group that the admission team said that we'll be divided into 3 sections : 2 would be in north campus and 1 in south campus. If this is true, when will we come to know if our section is in north campus or south . It would be difficult to search accomodation in such a case :drinking:.
The seniors there advised only to explore options and not to pay any advance to pg/flats coz of this reason .

Can some1 confirm if this is true and if true will we get any official confirmation of north/south campus?


I would kindly request you all not to go by any speculation you hear. Last time when we were joining , we'd heard that a new campus was being built and many other random rumors , but rumors are rumors and they are not to be paid heed to. Please abstain from discussing such stuff here on the forum also. Google group is the place for sharing such information and doubts.

Believe me , the seniors have already started working on figuring out the best possible way in which you guys will be inducted and classes will be held. Plus , you are the future of this institution and at this point of time we are more worried about how your induction will take place than you guys are. We are working round the clock to ensure that it is a seamless transition for you guys into the b school world.

This is the one thing that sets FMS apart, we stick with each other not only during the happier times, but during times of adversity as well.

Have faith , will conquer !

Cheers :drinking:

guys , there is some problem with the FB group

please join up this google group , so we could help you out with your queries

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Hello seniors!!

do we have any lady senior onboard???? wanted info on girls hostel n stuff....

There are no officially alloted girls hostels as such .. there are a couple of legacy PGs in the area around FMS .. Manmit hostel and 8/8 :thumbsup: .. I disagree with Inder on this one . Guys would actually be able to give you better inputs about girls accommodation than the girls themselves

Just kidding :oops:

The official FB group is gonna help you out with all your queries ! :
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Hey guys!
Anybody knows what the (W) after some names means? Is it for Women candidates?? But not all girls have it.. Unless Richa is a guy :P
Please solve this mystery.

Richa is not going to be happy about this

come on guys , this is FMS ,itna toh chaltaa hai :drinking: .. going by the same logic , last to last year there was a lady called anil sharma ... :oops:
specialvivek Says
Deactivating FB account is helping u?

actually nahi yaar , the cost of doing bakar on gtalk is coming out to be more than the opportunity cost of not being on FB :banghead:
BruceWayne2010 Says
Please post the link for the FB group

yaar maine apna FB deactivate kiya hua hai ,, exams n all you know

search for "FMS MBA FT - Official Group" on FB ... and post the link here as well

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Guys !

The official facebook page for all FMS converts 2013 Batch is up and running

All credit goes to a super awesome 2011 batch senior called Shankar Rao :cheers:

For those about to rock , I salute you

nailed it......nailed it......
DU Chicks...coming in july....

wow , competition badhh gaya , for the contention of DU chicks ... welcome aboard :drinking:
tanuj.goyal Says
Thanks ronnie i am not able to open it,can you please see my name if its there for not

bhai as much as i'd love to ... I have my sem exams starting from monday .. !

Put up your name , and category on the thread , and one of the converts , with as happy as they would be right now ,,, wouldn't even mind coming to campus and checking it for you ... im off for now ... praying that you're in bro !

good luck :thumbsup:
where are you seeing the result from ?
i am not able to open the link.

Plz reply

Final results for MBA full time batch 2011-13 | Faculty of Management Studies :thumbsup: