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you wud not recieve it personally by post,but you have to download it frm the rbi site
Reserve Bank of India - India's Central Bank

check the attACHMENT:)

thanks for the info


I have not received the admit card. What should i do?

Hi Sameer,
I'm very confused and annoyed by my decisions. I think I have screwed up my life. I would be grateful to you if you could help me. My profile is 700 GMAT, Econ graduate, and 2 years economic reporting experience.
University of St Gallen's Masters in Finance program was my dream option. It has excellent industry tie-ups and career fairs. I was sure that with my CFA level 2, I will have an excellent career from there. Luckily, I was admitted to the program.
I contacted the current students and careers office to find about the placements and they informed me that in order to work overthere, one needs to speak German fluently. On going through job posting of UBS, CS, DE etc. I realized that not even a single job is available for non-German speakers. I felt dejected and helpless as i dont have a job now(Preparing for CFA June full-time) and I can't wait till next year. I cursed myself for not applying to a English-speaking country (my other application is Mannheim business school in Germany). I'm not in a position to take any decision and feel like a loser. I would really appreciate If you could advise me how i can get out of this situation.
( P.s: I know learning German is an option-but in 3 months I can only acquire basic skills whereas native-fluency is required).

Bhai can you please check the GA section once in the book and let me know that whether GA section contains question related to banking like PO or its only and only GA.

Bhai how do you know this? I mean is there any of your friend working in RBI as an Assistant? Inspite of knowing that its a clerical position and about various clerical job responsibilities of a commercial bank, I am keen to know the job responsibilities which an RBI assistant will be taking over.

I don't know what all clerical functions you'll be doing. But it will have nothing to do with economics or banking. A clerk can be asked to do various types of small tasks. A Bank PO position in a commercial bank would be more respected position. :nono:
I have been RBI Young scholar twice and know about the hierarchy. One of the assistants was responsible for maintaining attendance register of all the interns.
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Ankitagg89 Says
can you tell me what is the profile of an assistant in RBI

It's a clerical position. you will be required to do all kind of clerical duties such as drafting mails, keeping records etc.
hey.. while filling form I selected new delhi as my choice for bank office i wd like to work.. but i've completed my grad frm university in uttar delhi dsn't come in the regional zone.. i've made the payment and completed the registration..
i'm worried that at later stage i may face problem due to this... how to get this corrected.. dunno on which id to mail...:sneaky:

There are only two options feasible
1. They will re-allot your application for the Lucknow branch
2. You will be disqualified for making an error in the form.
IMO, the first option looks more realistic. However, you should call the RBI Mumbai central office and enquire about the same.
nareen4768 Says
This year it was more of application type not the routine memory based stuff. There were barely any such questions. Would that make any difference in the cutoff??

Your guess would be as good as mine. I've told you the cut-off for the year 2008 and 2009. You can adjust it yourself for the increase in the no. of applications+ difficulty level of the exam. The best way to go is to wait patiently, you will know the results pretty soon. Rather, it should be out any moment now.
nareen4768 Says
As per ur experience what would be the general cutoff to get qualified for the internship??

shuould be around 90 correct answers for the general category students.
debonline2011 Says
Will dere any sectional time cut off...just like grade B exam...???Any Idea...

Yes, there are sectional cut-offs

Hi friends,

I have qualified for RBI young scholars two times (2008-Delhi & 2009-Shimla/Chandigarh). The quality of the internship program is top notch provided you are interested in taking the initiative.
You can join the facebook group of RBI young scholars and discuss everything ranging from exams/results to projects. Here's the link