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TheHassassin Says
The ongoing Hutch Chhota recharge ad campaign featuring Irfan Khan. I found all the ads cool.

Really man these ads r cool. Kabutar Mahenga pad jayga is my fav.
Irfan Khan is awesome.

The Castrol CRB ads suck man. CRB nahi dalonge to mahenga padega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

1) Life is Beautiful
2) A Beautiful Mind
3) Gladiator

I hav just read "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma. It i a very good book. Initially I thought that it is a book for the lost souls. But later on i found out i was one. Must read for everyone. Can i have a review of his (RS) book "Megaliving!". I want to read that also.

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Hey guys,

The raymond ad is very good. The one with a son and father relation. The son finally gets the job in mindtree consultancy. Its a great ad. Touches my heart. I want to have a same feeling too.....

Hey guys,

I read the Da Vinci Code and it is awesome. But i really think that Dan Brown showed us the things which he wanted to. When one speaks abt facts they must be whole. By showing jus the half facts how can one decide.

Dan has just shown us a one side of the coin. Mind well he has done it very intelligently. Thus as a wirter he is just abt perfect. But as a historain( as u may call it) he lied. Just using facts how can he come to a judgement. :shock:

I m not a christian, so by looking at the book with a view of just another novel, it is fine. The novel part is very well written and guided. Kudos to the writer Dan Broen.

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I think the music you are looking for is called "Summer Overture". It was performed by Kronos Quartet for a Movie called Requiem for a Dream. Please let me know if I got it right. Its available on most p2p softwares.


thanks bro. It is summer overture!.
I d/led it and it is really amazing.

The times up ad posted above is also very cool. It is very good.
Wonder, if the mentos ad was made on this theme. ( or copied)

This one is prepared be me. (Atleast i have not got any claimer for it)

TRY DIEing or DIE TRYing
i think its worth nothing to live for a man who has given hope.

I m the latter part.
"blow me down, i will emerge higher"

COooooooOOOL Threa------------------d guys.

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Hey guys,

sending financial aid is wrong. Like i said before, we can give physical aid. Can anyone explain why we should let our money to go to a country which we are not sure how will it use?

Giving the aid directly is good. But if they deny it is clean bull**** to go thhat way.

hey man abt the spiritual stuff! its long time we have been a nation we were. These are "dog eat dog, man eat man" times. Y dont people see the no of people who die in kashmir everyday due to terorrists or linked activities. It is a calamity. A huge one. It keeps on killing innoncent people.

Again, giving them the aid that they dont want(deny) is more than foolish.

No HURT intended.
thnx for contributing.

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u can always edit ur post..!!

regarding ur point of view guess most of us wud b of a smilar view...
but wht can b done abt it..??

My friend,

This is a place for all of us to talk about issues relating to our society. So altough maximum of us share the same view, do we try anything to improve the condition?
By discussing here we may know the other view points also ( if there are any).

Considering the no of registrations it can be easily inferred that a lot of talent (* future people) will come and read acrss the pages. We r the future of country and its our duty to cotribute to society. So we need to discuss this topic. Society owes us.

Thnx guys.
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Hey pal,

I agree with u on some pts. Burt there sould be no reservation as such not even enconomicallay. How can u give reservations on the basis of economic background? There seems to be no reason as to why intellectual must be sacrificed.

If any help from the gov. is to be passed then it should be financial suport for the student. ( in respect of scholarship) Why to create one more discrimination b'cos a person is rich or poor?

Only Scholarship help is necessary. We all know that genious does what he must. So even a poor child is there and has immense talent he will reach his target. So in view of avoiding future discrimination, no reservation on the basis of marks should be declared.

A possibility if reservations on the basis of economic background are given then, people will try to hide their income (illegaly) and show themselves as poor. Hence considering economic basis will produce the same effect of forcing people to think of inferior things.

One amazing thing i remember is a strike of a village community shown on a National News Channel. Shockingly they initiated the strike so that gov will declare their caste as scheduled caste b'cos after that their childeren will get advantage of reservations. What a damn stupid thing. Actually their strike was not called of but it was succesful.

Man telling u this is all vote related politics in which such ignorant people are caught and they make the whole society suffer.

How many times we have seen students killing them by way of suicide b'cos athey could not get admission in good colleges. This is all due to UNFAIR POLICIES.
Its overtime time now Gov should call off the reservation policy. It cannot be done immediately. So the gov should start decreasing the quotas and gradually soak up all the reservations in order to maintain a healthy society.

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