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Happy Bday Neha.. Just typed some rubbish in this forum, to have a feel of typing at PG after long.. then found myself unable to delete the post.. Now wishing u wud b better than letting that rubbish stay..

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Congo Man!! Many more to go!! C ya at Joka buddy!!

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Things have been moving pretty fast in the last two days, after being frozen for a long time.. I Heartily thank all my PGmates for the support you extended.. It wouldnt hav been possible without that guys, holding on patiently.. I sincerely wish that all the On-Holders snd as much as possible waiting clears... Praying hard for Maverickk..

@MNA and sparusodhi : would love to meet u soon buddies.. U were the real heroes of the On-Holders...

Cya all at joka..


Hey Guys!!!
Lot lot thanks for being with us. I, Romil Puri, On-Hold No.61, hereby report my selection to the PGDM programme..Thanks Buddies, Thanks PG..

Guys I will continue my MBA at ISB and have decided not to join IIM C. I have communicated the same to the IIM C admissions team.

So you can expect the on hold list to move up at least by one soon :)

"live and let live"

Shat Shat Naman aapko!! ;)
Thanks a lot Buddy!!

Just called up. 19 ppl have been cleared and the lady asked me to call up again at 2 30 to find out about the rest.

Hey Buddy!!
I cudnt get it.. I hav been asked to call up again by 21st may... And you by 2.30pm today?? or is it something else??

Romil Puri
On Hold- 61(Original)
probably dey r taking longer time bcos dey dont want to declare da list in a hurry n again do da same mistake

so for on hiold guys u have waited for 20 short days

u can wait for 2 more LONG days

i know its difficult but a wise man has said that

"the fruit of impatience is sweet"

so monday will bring in some sweet fruits to chew :biggrin:

Hey can't ny of us who is around calcutta go nd hand over the application for RTI act?? atleast the info abt the no of confirmed offers now shud get clear.

@simple boy
I dont understand y u have all ur sympathies wid IIMC ppl. Had they been so intersted in saving us they wud have not done this. Adjust us now, whatever, its ur mistake.. This is wht IIMK ppl also did last time. Saying a sorry cannot make up for wht they did. As far as now I cant see how they have made things simple for us.
No idea abt the buffer calls.. no clarity of situation
No personal intimation that result has changed. Many of the ppl around weren't even aware tht they had been affected.
And now even for hold list ranks, we have to keep calling them nd talk to rude ppl.
We deserve a treatment better than this atleast

I completely agree!! Though i have IIM-Indore in hand, but u know the difference.. Had this result been the first one, i would have accepted it heartily.. But after this elation of getting into C.... Cant explain the mental trauma we're goin through.. Anyways, Praying for myself and all of us..
finally made it to the institute of my dreams........and judging byt the quality of people posting here we are gonna have some fun........

anyway the profile that will give lots of CAT takers some confidence-
grad-62 from AIT Pune comp sc......

CAT percentile-99.93(99.5 ps,99.97 di and 96.89 va)



Joining-Any doubts?:nono:......Joka.....

Way to Go Dude!!! I have another one ..

X -- 80
XII -- 85
B.Tech(IT) -- 69.3% (JSS, Noida -- U.P.Technical Univ)
Work-Ex -- 0

CAT percentile -- 99.94(98.62 ps,99.64 di and 99.42 va)


Waitlisted - K

Hey Guys!!
May b this could be of help.. I Got Through IIM-I but willl be joining IIM-C.. So one movement for sure.. ATB!!

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