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Guys - Anyone who lives or works in Powai who would want to study for gmat? I live and work in Powai and am planning to retake GMAT. Got 690 in prev attempt and kinda stuck at the borderline. I also go admit from a top school in toronto, but chose not to join due to no schol.


  • what is yr mail id -my mail is 24 Sep '13.
  • @rollercoster have you given your retake? how much did yo.... 22 Sep '14.
dravishek banerjee banerjee @tajs
what is yr mail id -my mail is
@dheeraj787 3

@rollercoster have you given your retake? how much did you get ?


I am a mute spectator of the blog. Got an admit for Rotman class of 2014 recently. I have decided to join. So guys have you all discussed on housing and other details already? I sent a joining request to official fb page, but the admins didn't confirm me yet.

Vamsi Krishna

Hedgehog - are you still following this link ? please let me know if you could join us.

Taking up classes is as good as forming a study group, only a little more serious. All they could teach you is basic stuff 90% of which you might already know. All we need to crack the gmat is self discipline and preparedness to put several hours of study each day because people say you atleast need 200 hrs of study(ofcourse depends on p2p). I couldn't put so much effort everyday, hence got a 690. Maybe a little more seriousness and a little more effort in formulating my strategies would have helped me do better.

i have got PMs with location and contact details from couple of people now. Guys, please contact me so that we could form a group.

Fantastic guys ! - everybody who wants to be part of the study group, please PM me with your location and contact details. I will coordinate the convenient date and venue accordingly.

Hey you guys can mail me on We can meet up on some sunday (morning or evening).
@Hedgehog: I am not available this sunday the next sunday would be perfect. Suggest venue i am aware about Kandivali and Borivali.

I would really appreciate if somebody comes up with the a venue.

WoW.. great response guys !! for sometime i thought nobody is appearing fr gmat in this time of year when the applications to bschools are almost close..
@Hedgehog - Do you hav a plan fr the venue ? I am open to join next sunday.
Hey Roller Coaster!
I am totally with you in forming a GMAT group. I myself am quite a newbie to the MBA scene.: Hope to give all the MBA entrances this year including GMAT. Your score looks really encouraging and if you have done it alone then its quite remarkable.:cheerio:
Hope to hear from you.
P.S.- I had no clue which thread to post a similar question good that you brought it up here. Hope someone will direct us to a proper thread where we can discuss all this in detail.

Hello Dhruv !! Good to knw that finally somebody replied.. well, i was in the US while prepping for gmat, hence was alone.. we have to form a group and be serious about it. competition has grown up alot for MBA admissions and we need a very good score to get into top mba programs.

Where do you stay ? I work and stay in Powai. Pls PM me ur number so that I could contact you sometime.

Anybody else interested could join us. Please do not hesitate or shy away guys. This could benefit us alot. So, come on people, hop in and help us form the Mumbai GMAT dream team !!
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Hey guys !!

Anybody taking GMAT this yr and wanna form a group ?? There is a lot less enthusiasm for GMAT meetups as opposed to CAT. I had studied all alone and got a 690, which i think would have been much much better using a group where u could brainstorm your ideas and get the strategies right.

Seriously !! anybody ??

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Hi Guys...

Nice to see a thread for GMAT prep in mumbai :thumbsup:
I am not 100 % convinced that I'm gonna try it this year but at least I can meet up you guys and [plan the way forward.
However, I dont have a holiday on 26 th Jan , so I'll be free for only sometime on 26th.

So Im only in TENTATIVELY.

Awaiting lots of interest in this thread :

Great !! hedgehog, manmishr, rollercoster IN. anyone else ?
I donno why you people are so keen in meeting , plan a time ... meet over a chat room or something , share information and / or strategy.
Planning for a place , date and time , where you couldn't share any material or knowledge is so waste of time.
No offense , I just shared my put on it ; your way might have helped people in making friends but not a coherent study group.
I apologize , if my blatant opinion has hurt someone's feeling here.

Mr 'P'

P - Thanks for your suggestion. people vary in their opinions and I respect yours. Personally, i feel that if you don't know whom ur prepping with, your group may not be coherent for long. I have my reasons for not calling it a "waste of time", but we are not here to open up a useless web debate anyways right !
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