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I am doing International Executive MBA in Marketing

I am preparing a project on the topic of 'sms Marketing'.

I have already worked and gathered data and other details on 'sms marketing' for following topics..

1) Industry Profile

2) Company Profile

3) Product portfolio

4) Distribution network

5) sales force

6) pricing

7) promotion strategy
8 ) customer service

9) market share

10) competition

BUT , I am stuck on these topics.

1) Need of the study :- It describes the points or area of interest which created the necessity for the project to be done.

2) Literature Survey :- The aim of the literature review is to ensure that you are familiar with previous work that is relevant to your topic. A literature review is a survey and discussion of the literature in a given area of study. It should be relevant, recent and comprehensive.

3) Objectives of the study: It deals with the purpose of the study. It should state the goals which would be attained by the study.

I am not able to understand the above 3 topics.

What to write / How to process with these 3 points.?

Need help on above 3 topics ...