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@karthigeyank Yes Sir its true! Dallas is a good market, no doubt about that but being an international student has its own drawbacks. Here at UTD, you can land an internship by your own efforts... not many companies come to hire international MBAs on campus.
  • Its all about working hard towards it.. Most of the inter.... 25 Apr '13.
Geetha Hathikal @GeeHathikal 7
Its all about working hard towards it.. Most of the international students in our batch already 

have offers.. So, its working towards it.. MBA in other universities in US also need same effort in finding a job.
Hey Everyone! I am Rohit and I am a current MBA student here at UT-Dallas. I just came back to this website as I remember how intimidating it can get while making a big decision like this. Ask me whatever you want: I am active on Facebook : Feel free:

So...Finally... we have a group on Facebook... ::
Its called 'Haskayne MBA Admits 2012'....

Looking forward to know each one of you better...

Great!... This means I am pretty much talking to my future classmates...:-)...
Thanks Preet for your reply!
I agree with gmatwarrior( you can change your name to MBAwarrior now...:-P)... about the specialization thing... Its not bad to have a clear picture about your stream while beginning the MBA but... after we complete the first year... we all might have different perceptions.. Thus, I am pretty interested towards the General management specialization as of now..but never know...:-)

I have one more thing to ask. How much education loan are you guys planning to take. ??..
Psstt why don't we add each other on Facebook??... are you guys there? ( I am sure you all areJ)
Ohkay!... nice to read all the above replies!
So now we are aware that the information on the Canadian Government's website and the VFS is a bit different..... but we must keep in mind that for India... VFS handles all the VISA formalities and documents.. Thus, the financial info given on the VFS page is somewhere a little more relevant than the general information on the Canadian Govt website... Having said that... I'll still want to accumulate as much as I can before I apply for a Visa... and indeed that would be the smartest call....

Regarding Davinder's second question:

I have read that the Canadian Visa office advices that you apply for a Study permit at least three months before the start date of your program.... So, I am sure there would be no hassles if you apply before the three month window too..... I think the time period matters more for the F-1 student Visa for the US... The US Visa authorities dont allow you to apply for visa before 120 days of the start of your program...
In conclusion, apply as early as you can..:-)

Guys How many of you are 100% sure about Haskayne as of now??... count me in!
Psstt Did anyone get a new insight about the internship thing yet??

Preet... I think we have to show the Fee for first year + $10,000
..... Not the total fee.... Is that so?

Hi All

In last years thread there was a talk of some increase in tuition fees for international students which was shelved last year.....any news of a hike this year.............

Hey everyone!... Has anyone applied for a visa yet???....... I am thinking of getting started with my edu loan procedure... Meanwhile... I want to ask that How much do we need to show in funds to get the study permit... I think its the first year cost... right????...

I am re-quoting a post... It gives you a simple split of the fee thing....:-)

Just calculated the fees without considering any scholarship or GA

There is a total 20 courses. Tuition Fees is $2811.54/course

International students get a rebate of $575/course.Hence,
$2811.54 - $575 = $2236.54/course

For 20 courses: 2236.54 x 20 = $44730.8 (Approx. Rs.23 Lakhs)

General fees: $1,356/yr
For 2 years: $2,712
Books and supplies: $1,500
Living Expense: $700/month
For 20 months: $14,000

Total Expense: 44730.8 + 14,000 + 1,500 + 2,712 = $62942.8 (Approx. Rs.32 Lakhs)

Got some info from a current student & rest from school website
Tuition and fees Haskayne School of Business University of Calgary

I was also informed that students can do part time and can earn a minimum of $400/month. That would cover up for the monthly rent. I need to check again as from when v cud start doing part time jobs.
Hello Puys,

Received an admit from Haskayne .



Wohooo! Congrats Man!... any scholarships?

nice!... Again... we can clearly see that this guy also supports the notion that the final placement are really good...:-).... Hey Preet ..I am here in Delhi... so, if you plan on meeting this guy...( which wud actually be a fantastic idea!).. It wud be great if I can come too...:-)... Keep us posted....