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hey guys, really regret 4 not having posted 4 that only goes to show how things r goin on here....lotsa activities, guest lectures, mgmt games n stuff.......we also enjoy @ the end of each day with star guitar players exhibiting their talent which is simply amazin......can't afford to miss their performances........alongside we are doin serious stuff like we have 3 projects goin on at the same time so that's testing our time management skills to the core n conflict management skills as well......but we r enjoyin every moment of it as we get to interact with diverse people.....its only gonna get better from here on as new initiatives seem to be forthcomin with all committees putting their heart out in their respective endeavours......SIESCOMS is the place to this space for more..........



Girish Rao


As my friends Anmol, Santosh and Vikram have put things in detail, i can only add on by sayin that life @ a B- School is both fun and replete with challenges... fun as in we management games n stuff.... challenges as in meetin project and assignment deadlines..
U interact with people of various kinds......In SIESCOMS, there is tremendous focus on intellectual development albeit, with a different approach that is thru games and interactive sessions.... Case studies are discussed from n number of angles and faculty go out of their way in ensuring that students get the concepts.... Video sessions is somethin that has been introduced recently... We had Mr Sumantra Ghoshal, the distinguished professor of London Business School giving precious insights on how managers need to plan and implement tasks. Can't wait to have more of those..... SIESCOMS TRULY ROCKS


Girish Rao

To all the MMS guys of SIESCOMS 07 - 09 batch, a hearty welcome to the institute of choice.. With every year, there are significant improvements happenin.. we require your support to take the institute to a level never imagined before as its the students who build the reputation of the institute....




Hey guys..I was with Rohit in SIESCOMS office..

Now the news u've been waiting for...

I guess that means June end or July as we were told earlier..
But certainly not as early as June 1st week..

Thats the most we cud get after spending some time in the idea of EXACT DATES!!Sorry!

Also Laptop issue..
Sad but true..If u got a lappie it wudnt work out..
I'd say others who r plannin to buy a lappie plz wait atleast till v all start college together...then we cud c what can be done!!

Most prob'ly its gunna be a DELL (no confirmations yet..) this is wht we came to know unofficially....512 MB RAM n 80 GB HDD..
No more news...

Ya one thing I'd say , BRAND IMAGING ,etc wud be gr8...but yea...
acads do matter ...
also seniors told us..Virtualities is gunna come more abt it on website...

Hope its given u guyz a clear picture of things...

Thanx for d message dude... heaved a sigh of relief when i saw END OF JUNE.. i can now put in my papers.. but the laptop issue is extremely ridiculous.. WHU WUD ANYONE WITH A LAPTOP BUY ANOTHER ONE.. ITS COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL AND STUPID.GUESS THESE GUYS JUST WANT MONEY.. FEEL SAD FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ONE..
hey anurodh..
yea..even now tht seniors r confirming that JUNE first week marks the bigining of the course..we gotto respect the 'earlier rumor..' haha

I have decided to put my papers coming monday...and am ready to hear crap..frm management..

@arvind,santosh, other workex junta...
wht r u guys doing..
do we collectively talk to the college management to keep it to JULY(as informed earlier) or atleast c if there wudnt be a prob if we join in late?
as in the syllabus completion issues etc..
lemme kno abt this..
its a serious issue guyz...
Anmol, i shall put in my papers by end of this month or 1st Week of May. Lets push for July 1st week as that would give us sometime to settle.. what say..
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dude..bro..kuch bhi kar..but i guess u gotto make one more trip..
Vikram was telling me tht the brockers/agents donot show room to anyone
but the to-be-tenants..Also here u need that 'NO OBLIGATION STATEMENT..'

So plz make it a weekend before man!!say 15- 20 th May or something...

jus for a day or 2..settle things n then move back..the legalities do matter dude!!
so jus chk out..

Okie Anmol,

will try and c If i can make it on the 20th... .. thxx for the info . i guess v hav to make it twice there.. letzz how I can manage it ..

( buzzed sum seniors abt acc.. alsp ppl who were lookin for acc of 06-08 batch .. and also a cpl of relatives who can get contact .. once i get an info will post .. )

@Girish and Asshesh ..
guyzzz i think u guyzz need acc 2 .. let me know when can v meet up in May along with otherzz before the final meet on 27th..


long time no see... howzz u doin?? and have u thot of acc plans ??

Hi Santa, PM me ur contact details.. Shall reach u immediately.
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Hey People

So its finally over..

The first Meet of the SIESCOMS PGDBA(07-09) Mumbai Junta was just over..

Whats happened??Well a few wassups..a few discussions on which feild..
How much wud u expect as in paypack..Laptops..ummm..not much cuz we all
gotto wait...But the baap of all talks was..
yups u guessed it rite...
'Colelge opening in June..'
The whole story..
I(Anmol a.k.a wil_make_it ) met up Atul(atulll83) n Girish(rockstar_83) outta Andheri stn..:bigups:
We took a bus till Nirmal Lifestyles..Mulund wher we were awaiting the arrival of the don...
a.k.a Vikram bhosle(bhosle.vikram:infinity: :infinity: :infinity: )
Vikram popped in frm one end..n frm the other end..Vineet..:
As expected..I knew Vineet earlier..jus confirmed out if it was actually him..

Then we moved from here to there..wandering n waiting for the kalti master..:snipersm:anurodh..lolzz

Eventually :2gunfire: he didnt turn up(personal offences) so we headed to the age old Restaurant..
:popcorn: :popcorn: McDonanlds..:drinking:

Under the shadow of Ronald McD..we guys discussed a lotta stuff..

1)About the expections frm SIESCOMS (after 2 yrs..)
This included ofcourse placements but more imp..corporate interaction...
Since mos of us r workex junta..we hell wanted it..but yea..
we also thot of taking it coolly..coz we trust the collge manangement. .we didnt want to be demanding right frm the word "GO"
So end of it we thot to wait till case we r not satisfied(hopefully we will be satisfied)
then we cud prob'ly hhave a word with college n all..:sneaky:

2)We discussed by n large on the condition of our buddies Santosh,Arvind, Deepthi n all others :smilecol: for accomodation..
OMS Junta basically..

Guys wht we found out( plz take this seriously cuz of the conditions in Mumbai)
Here u need to do a couple of formalities (police 'No Problem Certificate','Rental Formalities' etc)

So We all request u guys to pop in a bit early..Santosh..27th Mayz cool bro..but then
u might have 2 make acouple of trips here..:shocked: :shocked:

our recco...Get thru with the formalities..n get back n get ur baggage..
N about the place..i think Belapur wud be the best...:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Good place n arrangements for food n all tht..
rent not tht too high..n for gals..u have YWCA Hostel...very decent..

So rest upon u guys...

I've typed a lot..

Hope u all cud've joined us..
Anurodh also..we expected u..but chalta hai..maybe the next BIG MEET is on its WAY!!!
n ya...the photos the first meet will be uploaded soon..prob'ly tmrw or day after...
So..CHEERZ SIESCOMS BATCH 07-09..:grab: :grab: :grab:
The flag is hoisted...
Cheers dude.. i knew u would put the minutes of the meet... guessed it when u called me the same evening n u were online... lookin forward to meet the rest of the guys... they better be active and enthusiastic...
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@all Mumbai Guys
Guys n gals..
Sorry for the Late preps nothing..
Plan to have first meet on

SUNDAY THE 22nd (in short tmrw..)

All who r in mumbai plz try making it...
List confirm, till now:-

Plz make the list bigger guys...
Seniors got exmas on prob;ly it wud be difficult..but it wud be gr8 if someone can make it...
But junior junta..plz rope in..

Lotta things to talk about!!strting with..
Damn..June opening of colleg...

Chalo TC
Hey guys, thanx for organizing d meet, will try to make it. but have u decided on the time..
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gr8 job vikky. u cleared a lot of doubts.

i wanted it closer to the coll. as u say we can try for a place a bit further, a station away from nerul to save on some money. But if we go a little further then we will have to incur additional expenditure on travelling which would offset any savings made in the flat rents. and additionally the time factor. so i would suggest we all stay together near coll.

Girish here, and would like to share a flat as i stay @ Goregaon.. it would be difficult to travel to and fro... lets meet up asap and see the flats for ourselves.. But again.... the question is when
Dudes, I have asked a couple of people as to the rentals of flats in and around Nerul, and the rates range from 2500 rs rent + 10 times the rent as the deposit ie 25000 for a small room with one room + kitchen that can accomodate 3 to 4 people, and rooms that are proper 1 bhk, which will cost 5000 + 50000 (rent/PM and Deposit). This also does not include the agent`s commission. There are other people like the landlords who will directly deal with us, but we will have to search for them

However we can can also try to pin down the ex students who will be leaving this year, so they that they can introduce us to their landlords, so we do not have to go through agents. (ergo saving some money). If that does not work out there are hostels like Anmol has mentioned

So what I want to say is that before hunting for rooms, let us all decide who is ready to share flats and expenses. And since Nerul and Vashi are a bit costlier, would it be ok if we took up a room at a place a bit further, that is a station away from nerul. I have spoken to quite a few people who have said that they would like to meet the people who want to rent the place. So Please let me know when you can be in mumbai, so we can sit together and decide these things amongst us.

@ anmol

No re no updates on the Laps, all seniors are busy or away on vacation.

@ All
As to the philanthropist, he is no longer philanthropical, cause 2 of his tenants stole a lot of stuff from his house . Shheeesh I hate thieves
hey guys, would like to meet the entire batch asap. Guess, Anmol was trying to get all of us together in the first week of May. lets have a consensus on the date pls......