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i've done cfa level 2 from cfa institute usa but they dnt issue marksheet or such thing ..its only pass with grid of 70 for each topic area so wat do i write under marks in professional qualification?..i'll have to leave it blank but the checking authority would start arguing as to y its blank..


i have consolidated marksheets of each year mentioning semester wise marks but the date of issue is much later than when i actually passed ..i'll have to use the date as given in marksheet n nt the actual mnth of passing?

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Have to disagree with you there..
CFA is not the icing..its the cake itself..
After clearing the three levels, one still isnt a charterholder. Only once you clear some 3-4 years work ex in mandated areas, you would earn a charter.

And in foreign nations, people might not recognise which BSchool one is from (one might be from IIM-A itself), they will always recognise one if one is a charter holder...

IMHO u r missing wood for the trees !

To gain a "sound entry" one needs to have MBA Fin from IIM A/B/C/ISB together with atleast Level 2 CFA (exceptions would always be there but this is the industry norm n the same can be corroborated by talking to any senior pro working in IB or jus browsing thru the jobs posted by IB firms or even by talking to high end placement consultants or even by going thru profiles of IB stalwarts posted at Linkedin or visiting analystforum and interacting with indian professionals out there) .
We also have respected Puys like Tumtum sir(CFA) , Rajat sir , Akshat sir(CFA level 3 passed with MBA from IIM-L) who can b contacted to know inside out of IB world

Furthermore if u go thru the list of CFA Charterholders u would spot most would be either MBA Fin from Ivy League colleges(with mostly an Engg degree in graduation or a bcom) and/or CA

btw some worthwhile reading for IB aspirants

P.S. there r many profiles floating but one is best placed if one adapts to the requirements of the concerned industry :)
Seriously, the amount of BS on this thread is mind boggling. Half of the people dont seem to have a clue about CFA, the kind of jobs you can apply for, the use of the degree etc.

Most people who want to know about CFA, just read the inital few pages and ignore most of the later pages as it is filled with all kind of exagerrated and in some cases absolutely wrong information.

very true indeed !

also most ppl seem to think CFA is the Holy Grail that can fetch them huge money...My humble advice would be to not chase anything for the sake of money....passion towards anything u do will take one to heights

as regards to salary...its a function of following factors

-->Work Experience(core finance preferred)
-->Education Background(most top notch jobs in IB require IIM A/B/C/ISB)
CFA is considered Icing on the cake n not the cake itself !(mind the difference)
-->Networking(while this factor plays a role in everything in life but its importance in IB is most crucial )

I'm putting up for sale Complete FRM Level 1 and Level 2 material (core/handbuk/schweser/question papers/bionic)

anyone desirous of availing the above can contact me through PM

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I'm putting up for sale Complete FRM Level 1 and Level 2 material (core/handbuk/schweser/question papers/bionic)

anyone desirous of availing the above can contact me through PM

I am putting up my frm 2010 level 1 material for sale.

anyone interested to grab it kindly pm me for further details.

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vicky113 Says
and does he follow the same policy? i will put the amount in his bank account after i get the books? and if u have the om guys mobile no plz pm it to me, and if we are discussing on prm its better we move it to the prm thread. what say?

all same

number hi to nai hai else would have called him up
vicky113 Says
i have already send him a pm, let him reply first. according to his post this is the new handbook in parts i guess, but am wondering does the om guy will also courier to other cities like the laxmi copy centre guy?

ya ya om guy couriers to all cities jus like laxmi fella
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I have talked to Om copy Centre. he has some new material ( some 6 books) for PRM.
Affordability is same here.

wat price did he say ?

is this the new handbuk?

I'm unable to d/l answer key from the given attachment

could someone post the key here


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