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so is panda firewall and antivirus ">" rel="nofollow">">> and black ice firewall .Once solution to all problems is get rid of windows and start getting used to linux

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hey dude u wanna become mba calling names to advertisement.You will never get into a b -school if u talk like this.
I think advertisement over these days have become innovative.
Better than the ones we watched in those doordarshan days.
They are integral part of our new world.Where do you expect the money to come for your organasation to pay u once u get into IIM and do your MBA.
As far as advertisements of today are concerned ,I think they do a good job of pitshing the customer without him realising which is better than that haggling salesman who bugs you to death trying to sell his goodies

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yup i agree abt digital watch.
also I fell center matters .We were let in at our center at 10.40.(center don bosco).
On 23 nov we were given answer sheets at 10.30 and had plenty of time to get seated.Also the seats were damn small and I was uncomfortable. Damn how do they expect 22 year old to sit on desks of 4 or 5 clas

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trying turing off option in run-msconfig...if u cant go to yahoo chat computers room...someone will help u there

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For All those who didnt make its time to reflect on the mistakes commited rather than crib.
What was the cause of failure.
It humans who commit mistakes and only wise avoid repeating it.
Now about where I went wrong:
The big factor I did not sleep on night of feb 14....over-anxeity...but thats my personality disorder..Happens many times for me before a big day.Hell I wasnt sleepy while writing the paper but our brain is certainly tired and leads to lack of efficiency.
Soln:I good workout a day before and continue usual activity....probably a glass of mild beer at around 8 pm(No hard drinks)

Maths: to much time spent(1 hour).
Soln: Stick to your plans and dont let strategy go haywire in exam hall.
We have to treat those mock as if they are real.
Change of strategy : start with easiest first you get useful momentum helpful in countering tough section.

Lastly guys we will face fresh talent plus wise veterans next time.
96000 for 2002 and 130000 for 2003 with number of students going abroad steadily dwindling ill peg 200000 for cat 2004

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Its abt time to wake up from previous mistakes.I think key to IIMs is getting those maths sums right.Lets not waste our time pondering on ridiculously tough questions coaching classes dish out....but lets get our basics right.I think ill try to solve as much R.S Aggarwal as I can.Reading wordlist from barrons at spare time...say 50 words a day requires no extra effort.

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Even Im posting after a long time..I thought that I was the only one.....good to see people learning from mistakes and finally getting through...I was seriously wondering whether I would ever get into IIMs post 2/15.Getting an MBA isnt the end of road.....Bill Gates didnt study at Kellogs neither did Ted Turner...I am seriously planning to concentrate on that IT company I wanted to start and reduce my choices to IIM ABC and XL.....wat should we call this thread of good hope.
What shoul

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I am quite illiterate but i feel what a materialistic poem!!!!!

Here are my thoughts :even a ordinary woman with eyes sparking with spectacles,hair smelling of Dabur vatika shampoo,and who has a nose that is running sometimes but loves u so much that thinks of u with every breath and heartbeat is worth waiting for not for a lifetime but for eternity.

Also hasnt the poet read '"My mother is the most beautiful woman in da whole world"....than why does he wonder if angels exist...

P.S. Good poem.Submit at poetry dot com
Also Ctrl C Ctrl V lovers can check out that site.Gals can also stay updated if their majnoo is original

U seem to have spare money for women mr.shakespere......if so beware of 'Earl of Hunting'
Your truly is always wondering where to hide that oak cask full of whiskey that he is planning to buy from his mom.He is truly foresighted as he wants to enjoy' that 2010 scotch' when he retires in 2050.This is called post 15/2/2004 phychosomatic disorder.

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welcome to the forum .
Planning to be a bigtime Pagal

u have the right to be addicted

and u have the right to spam

amen to that ;-)

Guyz do u have a heart to spam after a terrible CAT yesterday

In case u missed it in newspapers.....just a reminder that CAT takers in mumbai might experience traffic problems in South Mumbai due to our mumbai marathon on d-day.
So start early so that u face any problems reaching the venue considering the critically stable traffic system.
Some roads in South Mumbai are closed from 5.00 am to 2 in the noon


P.S> dont forget those damn earplugs incase you bump into the bi**h who reads RC passages loudly

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