if i get 70% in cat exam ..can i get a good college...pls suggest me..iam from sc category

  • Yes You can get a decent one .. Assuming that u do better.... 05 Nov '13.
Kunal Delwadia @the_moody16 199
Yes You can get a decent one .. Assuming that u do better in interview ….
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@ROB89046 Hey ,I was going through previous threads. I had one query. Didn't u converted the IIM : the pi experience that u had written?
Robin Bains @ROB89046
Yup dude I got thru all the new IIMs.

Dont worry it is very general trend that is seen this year. Just relax and concentrate on things coming up. ATB :)

GOing by the last two year experience. If I take the following assumptions into consideration:

1) Your accuracy in QA is excellent
2) Your accuracy in Verbal is okay.
3) You have given CAT a little late (I know many would disagree with me on that, but it is from a very very reliable source)

My take would be anything between 80-87%ile (Personally my take)

Rest a lot of things depends on the level of your paper.

Be positive and concentrate hard on things coming up.

PS: I can see that you will have descent number of calls :)

ATB :)
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I have talked with more than 50 CAT aspirants this year. Trust me all have the issue. My take on your case would be that, there is no point worrying about this thing now. The CAT is on a difficult side this year and if I tell you, one of my friend in General category just attempted 16 questions in Verbal last year and he end up getting 99.87%ile. So nothing can be predicted about the result, if your accuracy is good everything else will be taken care. For now just concentrate on the exams that you have to take in the coming days, if not just relax and try to do your bit regarding GD PI. Don't worry and be merry:)


Dear the entire process of Form Filling, GD, PI etc is simply a process of selling yourself (I may be using a very wrong word here!!!). Whatever things you have you must mention it here. If you are comfortable with the foreign language, then you must mention it in the form. You never know that your major portion of interview is about that only. So if you are good and confident in it, then you must mention it. One can never predict which point differentiates your form from others. :)

Dear it is very difficult to predict ones percentile! But as far as your attempts are concerned they are pretty fine. All I can say is you can expect good percentile with this attempt,if you are quiet sure about your accuracy. ATB and hope for the best :)
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You made me remember some of the most awesome days of my life :D

Friend it is serious advise to you that dont worry about what will happen after CAT, concentrate on CAT right now. Everything else will be taken care by itself. We have a great benefit, just keep that in mind. If your CAT score is good, no one in this globe can ignore you.... Dont feel low..... Bell the CAT with full spirit. ATB :)

Dear it is a general trend that I have seen that whatever accuracy you get in mocks, you always get a better accuracy in actual CAT. So if we assume here that your accuracy level is 75%, then it is an okay kind of accuracy to be realistic! Accuracy is a prime concern these days to score well in CAT. Please put on some light on your attempts.

Rest be assured that if you are able to achieve 75+/70+/70+ (OA/S1/S2).. you will definitely get calls from New IIMsand NITIE & All IITs except (B&D;) (in case you are engineer).

ATB :)
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