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well, i would suggest.. tell both of your recommenders to courier the letter asap....
meanwhile try to get hold of iiml ipmx office over phone ...


You can reachout to Admission Office at following numbers

Phone : 91-120- 6681081, 6681000
Timing: IST 10 AM to 5 PM

Thanks Mukul and willfightback for the advice. I was able to resend my recommendation as requested and received the interview shortlist mail too.
BTW, my profile:
730/5.5, 6.5 yrs IT experience, Good Acads
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Need your guidance and suggestions here.
I got a mail saying from Admissions (vjsingh@iiml.ac.in) on 11/18 saying:

Dear Applicant,


Please refer to your application form submitted for International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX- 2011-2012). We appreciate your high moral & keen interest in IPMX.

Kindly note that on scrutiny of application form as per parameters/norms fixed, it is noticed that you have submitted only one RECOMMENDATION LETTER along with the IPMX 2011-12 Application Form. Whereas we had desired two RECOMMENDATION LETTERs and at least one letter should be from a senior person who you are currently working with or have worked with in the recent past.
In the absence of one RECOMMENDATION LETTER your IPMX Application Form will be treated as incomplete and could be rejected as per the instruction no. 2 mentioned on the IPMX 2011-12 Application Form.

You are therefore, advised to furnish RECOMMENDATION LETTER latest by 23th November 2010 (Tuesday) to avoid the rejection. Recommendation Letter sent by E-mail will not be entertained.

Thanks and Regards,
Administrative Officer

Firstly, I am 100% confident I enclosed both the recommendation letters.
And then, even one of them is really missing, this mail does not which recommendation letter is available. Now, I do not know whether I need to furnish recommendation letter from Recommender 1 or Recommender 2? I did send a reply asking which recommender's letter is available and awaiting their response.None received yet.

I have been asked to furnish this by Nov 23rd and unfortunately, I am in US currently. Funny how ineffective this offline application submission can be. Cannot believe there is even no Admissions office help line that I can call to.

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tantrix Says
Man... I'm finding it strange how many people here have been trying for 3 yrs straight. Just curious.. did you apply to any other schools in this time?

Well, I haven't. Not because I am dying to study only at ISB, just that I cannot study abroad full-time because of some personal constraints.

Just called up Adcom, yesterday the reply was *ALL* the calls are sent out. Surprisingly now, they said there are some re-applicants whose calls are yet to be sent out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Funny how ISB works !!!

First year I applied, not shortlisted for interview. The next year, I am waitlisted. And for some strange reason, the third time, not even an interview call.

Can't help laughing. One thing's sure. ISB is not for me.

Hi ravi

since you are already doing CFA can u tell me whether we can appear for the exams without the relevent workex , and can we acquire the workex post the compleation of L2 exams and then apply for the charter..

Waiting in anticipation

Absolutely. Don't need to have any workex to take any of the levels.


Well friends,

Just checked my mail. Not dinged but WAIT-LISTED. Should see how it goes. But anyway, there is nothing to bother for me whether I am selected or not. I am already a re-applicant and won't mind applying the next year. This has been my mindset right from the beginning of my App and I have decided to continue the same.:p


Yippee Cleared it.

Hi Everybody, i am planning for GMAT, but looking back I donot find my profile eligible for any competition. I am at present working in a leading MNC as a software engg.......2.5 yrs of exp.
I have a very basic querry...........what certifications(short term :1eye:) i should complete in the coming time to add value to my resume.........
Do any online courses from IGNOU or other open university add value.
PLS PLS help...............

You can PM me if u want my 2 cents of advice. I was in such a struggling situation sometime back.

ravi_dce Says
i am in delhi and so how is the classroom session,... i mean does one need schweser and stalla then??????

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea about classroom sessions. But I can confidently say most of the people buy the schweser notes and clear L1 straightaway without a hitch. There would be very few who opt for a classroom coaching.

Hello everyone,

FEI. (that's For Everyone's Information)

I am from Hyd as well and my interview is on 19th Jan 4:10 PM. I got this mail on 9th Jan.

CFA Level I