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You can delete your email ID from your post. Against PG rules to share sensitive info.

I'll send a response to the ID that you shared.

- Sameer
Founder | MBA Crystal Ball

It was nice to talk with you. I feel I am kinda decided which one I should opt for. Both B-schools have an excellent pedigree and reputation. But considering my experience I think IIMC would be better option for me. I am worried about ISB's current batch size and the new campus.

Rittick bhai,

The gentleman who called up was based in India and mentioned that his son was abroad. Also many other facts overlapped - dilemma between IIMC vs ISB, class size issue. He also mentioned about the PG post. Eerie!

Are you sure your phone/internet connection isn't being tapped?

Anyway, not a good idea to show any bschools in bad light in a public forum. So I wouldn't be able to re-post the info that I shared on the phone as it might be misinterpreted by others. But happy to share my thoughts over email (As you aren't a potential client for us, I don't see any conflict in taking the discussion offline)

- Sameer
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Hi Sameer,
I don't know what's happening. But it would be very nice of you please share your thought/suggestions in an email. I am utterly confused.
My email ID:

Hi Ritz,
I have spoken to people in ISB and by talking ot them I realize that one should just not consider rankings alone but peer group as well.
Consider this , when you vie for a job after MBA how you want yourself to be positioned.
Secondly, how do you rate your chances between 770 and 60 guys. I believe in ISB recruiters are little biased towards less exp pros coz easy to fit in.
Finally, IIM's is as strong a brand as ISB and this particular course is tailor made for pros like 7+ yrs exp .
Please don't let placements decide anything but let your future plans decide on choice of college. I strongly believe for deserving and talented guys ISB or IIM's doesn't make much of a difference.

My 2 cents again...

thanks, nishant

THanks to all of you who replied to this Post. With my experience of 7+ years I am now thinking if IIMC would be a better option for me although initially I thought about opting for ISB.

I still have a few concerns:
i) Since IIMC offers 'PGPEX' it is valued across the industry? Or a degree from ISB would value more?
ii) Since in IIMC people are mostly with 9-10 years of exp with 7.5 years of exp can it be potentially little difficult for placement?

Please share your thought. I am utterly confused.

Your dad just called up and I shared my perspectives with him over the phone.

I also told him his sons should consider themselves damn lucky to have a dad like that who's supporting them so much. My parents had no clue what I was up to :-)

- Sameer
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Hey Sameer,
I think you are mixing up with somebody else. I am based out of Chicago now though my dad is in Kolkata. I don't think he called up. Anyways, can you please share your views which one I should opt for.
I have 7+ years of IT experience with almost 4 years in US. People are saying as per brand value ISB is much better; on the other hand I am hearing with 7+ years of exp I should opt for PGPEX from IIMC.
I am not very sure how PGPEX is valued in the industry? I want to be in consulting; I have no idea if a god number of consulting companies come in IMC to recruit PGPEX students.
On the other hand, ISB batch strength from this year would be 770 which is huge; considering the potential downfall at market would not the risk factor for placement would be little higher for ISB as the volume of the batch is much higher than IIMC. Please share your views. Its going crazy now.



I have got an admit in ISB and IIMC-PGPEX for 2012 session. I am little confused with which one I should opt for.

I have 7+ years of experience in IT with almost 4 years of overseas (USA) experience and mostly worked for leading clients in credit-card industry.

Can you please sugest which would be a better option for me and why.


If you have 6+ years of exp go with IIM C if you are bordeline case of 5 yrs ISB will be better . My 2 cents ..

I am in same scenario - have to choose between ISB (Mohali) and IIMC. I have 7+ yrs of exp; why you think IIMC will be better choice for candidates like me? ISB is of higher rank and isn't the placement scenario better in ISB than IIMC?

In IIMC-PGPEX, what's the trend for placement? Does everybody get a job from campus?

1. All students irrespective of campus can bid for all courses and get them. There will also be ample opportunity to exchange between campuses for doing the desired electives and there could also be multiple exchange opportunities between terms 5 and term 8. There wont be any problem with doing an IT major if you start the programme at the Mohali campus to do your major in IT by taking a exchange to Hyderabad during the elective terms.

2. We have taken care of this in the following manner:
1. Following a one school two campus model
2. One admissions application with a common criteria for admissions
3. Select candidates first irrespective of their campus choice then allocate campuses
4. The profile of students at both campuses would be the same
5. A common placement process
6. Recruiters would be posting jobs on our placement portal that will be accessed by students at both campuses. Therefore any student irrespective of the campus location can apply to any job that is posted on the portal.
7. Interviews will be held on both campuses for recruitment

Thanks much sir for your reply. I am glad you addressed all my queries. One last question, I assume the campus exchange doesn't have any limitations regarding number of terms. (I got this notion from another post in this forum, not sure if it is correct) eg. since I want to do my major in IT I may have to opt for last 4 terms in Hyd campus. Please confirm this is doable and not dependent on how many students are coming from Hyd to Mohali.

Thank you truly for offering your time in addressing our queries.


Dear Sir,
I got an admit for MOhali campus. First of all Thanks for giving me this opportunity.
I have a couple of questions here:
1. I want to do my major in IT but that is not available in Mohali campus and I am not quite interested in the majors which Mohali would be offering. I came to know from ISB website there would be a provision for campus exchange option based on 'areas of concentration'. I want to know would it be conditional or irrespective of how many students come from Hyd to Mohali I would get to choose my preferred major (IT) and would be able to exchange campus for elective terms.

2. Since we would be the first batch for Mohali I am feeling little tentative about campusing. Though I am sure ISB must have considered this weel ahead of time and proper planning but just like to know how this location factor would come into play at the time of recruitment? In outside world, people might not be aware of ISB, Mohali as mush as they are familiar with ISB, Hyd; what's ISB's thought process to deal with this location factor?

I would really apreciate if you address my queries. Thanks for your attention.

It will definitely be on par. The placement process will be online and combined for Hyd and Mohali. So we both will sit for the very same placements. The faculty will also travle to both the locations.

Absolutely nothing to worry about!

Thanks for your reply. But I checked in ISB website about the courses they are offering; though mostly its same across the campus there are some differences in the specialization offered. I think I would be interested to my specl in IT or Operations and both of them are not available in Mohali campus. Though as per the ISB site exchanging campus based on areas of concentration would be an option but I am little anxious about how this would work. It could have been easier if same set of specialized courses could have been offered in both the places.
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How many people who have IT background got into ISB?

I am one with IT background.