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Hi guys.
I m rohan.
Me selected frm ahmedabad campus.
I want to know that the singapur traing is helpful in placement or not...?
What is the max package ?

Hello dear,

Yes training is really helpful and if we talk about package so its vary from year to year so we cant tell you highest package.

hello all,

I got to Know I-fest is coming of IILM, so what are the dates of it?

ajaymihani Says
how many questions to be attempted to get a good percentile? Is it advisable to leave the last section entirely even if u know 2-3 questions or what shud be the best bet puys??

Do as max as possible and attempt some of them from lat section also.
ajaymihani Says
do they hav sectional cut off as well or any no. of questions from any section can be attempted??

Hello Dear,

Yes they have sectional cut off and same where they have composite score also.
sfossy Says
Total do around 80-85 correct, don't leave gk just do 7-8


JUst do max to max but be sure do only those on which you are sure, thats it
please don't repeat the posts and don't advertise the college ,it is against the forum rules[/QUOTE

Can we ask about the college in the thread of its own college?????:sneaky:
hi ....puys

u can also consider Jaipuria, Jaipur it is equivalent to all others,,,,, as the faculty members are equally gud rest placements are centralized...fees is tooo low.

What are the placements companies coming in this campus?
kindly refer to this link
MBA Scholarships, Scholarships for MBA and MBA at IILM

Thankyou sampaths I am really thankful to you for this useful information
priyajain999 Says
you can check out the IILM website i.e., www.iilm.edu

hello Dear,

I just checked out the website it is not showing the interview dates please tell me some other source for this???
priyajain999 Says
dont worry about the interview..there are some points on mat score and they check your academic background and just be confident during the interview..

can you please tell me the interview dates in IILM college???