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I am planning to buy a laptop (budget 25k to 30k ) , ok for better deal i can go upto 40k . I need best internet connectivity as I have to travel a lot.I am undecided between Sony Vaio , dell, hp.I do not need more than 14 inch . Pls suggest me a good option.

When can State Bank of Hyderabad give medicals and joining ? Can one prepare for CSE with bank po job?

What will be my rank in ibps po for 175 marks in general category

I understand the frustration here, even I could not convert my interview , banks will have to come with second list otherwise their seats will remain vaccant , just be patient.Only the process will take time.keep the spirits alive

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Can 175 score in IBPS expect calls from bob, ubi, indian and bom?

For SBI associates interview character certificate is needed , is getting it from old institutions is mandatory ? will character certificates by immediate boss will do? Do the marksheets need attestation from gazetted officer or only self attestation will do?

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Do ICICI bank allows one to write the exam if one has experience a little less than 3 years as 2 years 10 months etc?

Do Banks always call general candidates 3 times of what they will take ? Can a good interview surpass medium score?

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Has anyone any idea if corporation bank has increased its vaccancies from 355 to 1037? I am subscribed to a bank po prep group where somebosy posted it.It will help me to guess my rank even if i did not get a call.It is hard to believe 600 to 700 students got above 175 in IBPS . So for union , syndicate do people at 175 have any chance , really confused

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I havnt heard abt such facility to pay bond...frankly speaking 80% ppl leaves bank without paying bond..bond is just to frighten u...they earn profit 4m rest 20% ppl

Without bond banks do not give resignation letter I hope so the work experience cannot be used any where am i right?
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