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Is anybody planning to take up the ERP certification in May 2015? I would like to know how one is collecting the preparation materials. Does anybody have that I can buy?

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bharat ahir @bharatahir 4

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Sujay Sarkar @sujaysarkar85 1

I have the soft copies for ERP 2015..contact me at sujaysarkar85@gmail.com

I can't claim good knowledge around the critical success factors for admissions to Ph.D programs, but through anecdotal conversations and insights from a couple of friends who have done them......

All the best

Thanks a lot, Baccardisprite for the very detailed reply and with ton loads of information!!
While my experience and work profile are ok, I fall short in the points where you mentioned that PhD applicants are preferred to have published some paper in some journal, etc. Also, I do not have any particular topic for research as of now. Maybe, once I start researching on schools, some topic of interest may start developing. As of now, all I know is that I am interested, broadly in areas combining Engineering and Management.
Anyways, thanks again for the information - it does provide a road map for me to start building on it!

Cheers, Rishi


I need your suggestion on a topic which you have probably not touched upon in these threads for options beyond the MBA. And you have got this a lot, I know, but you are doing some amazing work here!! And that is an understatement.

I needed your opinion on PhD studies in the areas of Engineering / Technology Management.

In brief, I am currently doing the 1-year MBA program from XLRI, Jamshedpur. I joined this year after working for a little less than 7 years in the field of Engineering Design and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This is IT specifically for the manufacturing industry (automobile, aerospace, electronics..). I have worked both as a designer (computer-aided design) as well as in pure IT (in the PLM space with companies such as TCS and Geometric). However, being a Mechanical Engineer, I had taken a conscious decision to stick to the whereabouts of this field (hence, sticking to PLM even within IT).

Having worked for around 7 years, I was keen on doing something which would give me a career break and possibly give me more options as far as career options was concerned. Parallely, while introspecting on what it is that I "really wanted to do", I did explore the option of a PhD, as I have come around to think, after working for these many years, that I am pretty good at analysis, problem-solving and generally at work that does not make me run around or that is in a fast, competitive corporate environment. I think I like I getting into a subject in depth and work on it.

While in it, I got the offer from XLRI, and jumped into it - probably myopic, since I wanted a change immediately. But I have not shed the idea of a PhD, and I think over the last 6 months the more I have introspected, the more inclined I have become towards it. With subjects such as Operations Management which I have been exposed to, I have developed an interest in subjects which combine Technology and Management, and have been trying to look for information on PhD programs for the same.

What after a PhD - I would probably want to work in a research based organization, and looking really long, I guess the obvious choice would be to get into academics as a practitioner of the subject; as opposed to being just an academician.

While I think I have pretty much laid down my thoughts here, I'd very much like to hear from you your opinion on what you think of a PhD, especially after a 7 year work ex + 1-year MBA, and options in terms of Universities, in the US and Europe, specifically on the subjects of Engineering and Technology Management.

Looking forward to your reply eagerly...

Thanks a lot!

Hi Rishi,

I tried the +91 - 657 - 398 3333 as well but couldn't connect.I think incoming calls are blocked for all these numbers.


Ok. Will look into it and let you know.
Hi Rishi,

Please let me know if there is anyother contact number, apart from what is mentioned on ( Admissions through GMAT- XLRI Jamshedpur) link.I'm unable to reach to these numbers.Please help......


Hi Brijesh, sorry for the late reply. I checked with the admissions office and the number is correct. However, they said you could call at the board number which 0657-398-3333 and then ask them to connect at any of the 3 numbers for AdCom office - 3203, 3204 or 3205. Try it out. You should be able to connect.

Hello Seniors,

Thank you all for taking some time out of ur busy schedule to answer the queries of fellow puys.

Can you please provide us with the current batch profile (and also the last year's batch profile,if possible) in terms of Avg. GMAT score,Avg. years of wrk exp, work experience bracket etc. . These figures are not mentioned on the website and will be highly useful for someone to evaluate his/her chances at XLRI GMP.


Hi Kunal_mba,
Avg GMAT : 690-710

Avg Work Exp : 7-9 years

Work Exp Bracket - Not quite sure what you mean, but I am assuming you want to know sector-wise breakup. Out of the 120, more than 50% profiles are from an IT background (different industries and domains, such as Retail, Engineering, CRM, SAP and so on), remaining are spread over Power, Automobile, Shipping (merchant navy), Textile and the army (various functions such as Operations, Sales and HR).

A detailed and a more accurate breakup will be available soon when the brochure is out. Probably in a month from now.

Hope this helped.

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yerneni Says
I thought for Indians GMP is the only option available out of the three courses. Is my understanding wrong?

All 3 options are available.
However, application for BM/PMIR through GMAT is open for Indians residing/working out of the country for more than 21 months (or 24 months I think).
With XAT, you can apply for all 3 programs.
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kinji@PG Says
BM and PMIR are the flagships programes from XLRI and GMP is an executive one. I am applying through XAT 2011.

Correction - All three are flagship programs now.
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Hi Rishi & team,

My profile is as below, what are chances of getting interview call & selection ?
- 10th - 71%
- 12th - 83.4%
- B.E (E & C) - 65%
- GMAT - 700
- Experience - 5.5 years till sept 2010 (2 years Software Engineer + 3.5 years (Presales, Business development & Marketing)
- Organisation - 1 of top 10 Nasscom rated IT company
- Extra curricular - medium
- Current profile - Business development & Marketing
- Abroad Exp - Nil

Currently I am very confused in deciding the school to select, SP jain, IMI or XLRI ? what ur opinion ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dks22,
Firstly, commenting on the chances for a certain profile is not encouraged on these forums. None of us here are experts on the same. Most profiles applying to an MBA program are similar with a few exceptions and some others are the really stellar ones. IMHO, no profile can be said to have a great or a nil chance of getting an admit. I have seen really good profiles not getting through an admit and vice versa.

However, on the face of it, you have a decent profile and you should definitely apply to give yourself a good chance. I am sorry I will not be able to comment on your chances for "selection" per se.

Between the schools you mentioned, I would definitely rate XLRI higher than the rest. And that is not only because I am part of this institute. But also on other counts such as cost of education and the ROI, the value of the brand and placements as such. Of course, this answer would differ depending upon individual perceptions and experiences. But on the whole, XLRI rates higher.

My humble suggestion - more important than deciding on the schools, do give a lot of thought on what you would like to present to the school. If you have already done that, go back to it and crystallize it even more. More than anything, that helps in the long run.

All the best!
Can the current students help me with answers :

1. Does XLRI follow a rolling admission?
2. Since the last date is Jan 8th , will the candidate be called only after Jan 15th 2011?
3. Does XLRI prefer XAT over GMAT? I mean does it prefer students with XAT score than GMAT score?
4. What is the average GMAT score of the current profile?
5. Any benefit of applying or submitting the application soon?

Thanks in advance.....

Yerneni, please find the answers :-

1. No
2. 8th is last date for applying online and 15th is for receipt of the hard copy of the form. So, yes XLRI will shortlist and call only after 15th.
3. There is no quantitative data on the "preference". As per the present profiles in GMP, there is a heady mix of both. For experienced candidates, I doubt if they give importance to one over the other. But personally speaking, from a admit purpose for a candidate, appear for that test which you think you would score higher on. However, if you want to apply for BM/HRM as well, you would need to take XAT. GMAT is not allowed there.
4. 690-710
5. No additional benefit really from an admissions purpose. But then, since the hard copy of the form needs to reach within 15th, it would help if you completed the online form soon and send the hard copy across. Else, might get tight.

Do get back if you had any doubts.