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What is the total expenditure including mess,hostel and course fee structure?
will it be around 10 lakhs or what??

yepp...check the course fee..add about 2.5 lakhs for mess and hostel charges..for PGDM,comes to abt 10 lakhs total..for RM and IBM about 8.5 and for IB its 9.5...SDP 7 lakhs cz its a new course ...
These r rough figures...actual expenditure is very near to this..but depends upon ur pocket mny n ghumne firne ka kharcha...n also if u wnna go abroad for one trimester,u ll end up paying a lkh or 1.5 lakh more...
Mr. chandan bro i think prateek didnt say nything wrong bout college nd his lang.
was quite polite also but i think u didnt get him. we r eagrly waiting fo bimtech result bt u dnt understand it. so if u cant solve our probs n doubts den plz dnt comment like dis. u were so harsh to him plz try to control urself. its pagalguy not ur home. we all puys r like family here so plz take care bout it. thanx

hEYY MANNROCK....i dint c any offence by chandan thakur..he is bein soo polite...senti ho gaya re tu...
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raghav_jammu Says
Same scene with me dude.........

but i got Retail mgmt.....!!!yayyyyyy....!!!!

BIMTECH,i m cming..!!!!on 15th june...for retail!!!

3days back,got an e-mail for Sustainable dev..
Now got an e-mail n a phone call for Insurance business..
man...i need Int. Business,Retail or PGDM general..
Can i hope fr a call in my interst in future?????
hav no other option but to drop..:( :banghead:

waaaooowwwww...SYMBI ne toh humein ch***** bana diya..I m kinda starting to get a hatred for indian education system...there no transparency at all...its all corruption...
m sorry i dont mean 2 hurt anybdy's sentiments yaar..
at 99 marks in SNAP,i cant even expect a MQ seat..even if i pay double fee..*sigh*..guess i shudnt hav expctd anything frm SYMBI...

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Friends, I m have completed my engineering last year. there are 2 gaps in acadamic years. I can give 1000 reasons for that but fact is i failed. I donot have much to talk about extra curricular because i was never in that also. The only reason behind this Great failure that can be given, is that I WAS NEVER INTERESTED IN ENGINEERING and i just enjoyed the life. I never used my potential. The word 'hard work' was completely opposite to me. But now after coming in market i know what i have done. I got chance in 4 companies including PERSISTANT based on my technical knowledge but i lost all of them because of my acadamic record. There are not much achievements to impress. But after i got bad exeperience, i worried little about my future. I knew that i just want 1 chance in life to get myself on good track in life. After thinking alot i chose to go for management. To make sure that my decision is right i took SWAT and SWOT tests. The results of these tests, my own desire and interest for management, my needs, considering everything i thought my decision was right. So i made it final.
But when i made it final, it was 1st february 2010. So for management only one exam was remained and that was MAH-CET. I filled up the form and exam was going to be held on 21st february 2010. I got only 20 days to prepare. I didnot join any coaching. For those 20 days i did hard work as well as smart work. I used my each and every minute. Also i studied effieciently Working on each type of questions. I solved near about 25 papers. After the result i got 104/200. For 20 days preparation it was satisfactory but not best. I know i could have done better if i had got at least 2 to 3 months. In these days i came to know what a real hard work means. I got confidence that i donot lack it. I tried my best till last moment.
Considering i wasnot matured enough at the time of selecting engineering, i'll say i m not a looser. I have got potential and guts to win. So, Friends these questions are for all those who are facing same situation like me..
I want to know
1. how to handle the situation if interviewers ask about the acadamics?
I believe that acadamics is important but not everything. In my case nobody can evaluate me based on my acadamics because it was not my train.(i was in wrong train). Also.. past mistakes can be ignored if present is good and chance can be given to prove the future.

I know it is hard to have solution in such case but yet some people can really have solution on this..So suggetstions are always welcome..

well the fact is..the past does counts...m seriously sayin dat aftr lot f research...i hav a low score of 58percnt in 12th..in engg,i hav 74percnt,but i wasnt eligible fr top companies...only BPO n KPO luk fr such a persn...but ,well i dont kno about MBA..although there r colleges which hav a criterion of 60percnt thruout,70percent thruout..but i dont kno if it REALLY screws u up..i mean i dnt kno if there r gud companies which dont cnsider ur past
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Well,my 12th score is 58percent..will it affect my placement scenario?????m really wrried:banghead:

will the placement scenario for dombivili n NM campuses b same???is it surely 2 happn??

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oh man...y cant these MBA colleges have transparent system???!!!??:nono:

Wen they say the list ll cm up in may,we ev no other option but to believe them...but then,some students r grtting MQ seats in april itself...wats d fun in dat???

This is so uncool of Symbi...

kya yaar...

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