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WhatsApp group for discussions with regard to General Awareness? Two groups have already been made. If there is ample demand for a new Group, we shall form a group and make it a competitive market :smiley: Drop in your numbers. This post will be deleted when the the upper limit is breached (50).
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anybody from here who got in?
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
Will the website ever get an update, or the candidates who are selected have already received the mails and there will be no further mails from Crisil ?
Rajender @Rajozil
If i grant a loan , after checking all documents and KYC etc , still if person defaulted then will i be held guilty and ask to pay loan amount as fine?? in what cases a po has to pay amount from his pocket ? can anyone quote with an example?
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
If the Probationary officer has signed with the Branch's seal/stamp and his own signature and the applicant defaults on his/her payment, then the PO WONT BE RESPONSIBLE for the it.

Reason 1 - The file has been passed by authorities which are higher then the PO e.g- Branch Head/Cluster Head/Regional Head, hence the PO is not alone if any fraud etc happens.

Reason 2 - The applicant has only not paid his installment, which is not a very big issue. He will pay the interest where ever applicable and will complete the cycle of payments in the future.

CAT Center, Date and Slot: GL Bajaj Institute of Management, Greater Noida, UP ; Evening Slot

1) How many attempts you have made? 13 + 20

2) Your last mock score? N/A

If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.

3) How was your experience of the test?

4) What was the surprise element for you? QA - Although I haven't touched QA for a couple of months, it was still going straight all south for me.

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better? take a nap before the exam starts..

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc. - QA - Tough, very difficult ; VA - Difficult ; DI - Easy ; LR - Difficult

7) Any other query or something you would like to share. - I gave my 1st CAT in 2009 and still 5 years later the tension can be seen on the face of only 'handful' of aspirants. Some thing never changed irrespective of the all these years

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#NowPlaying - Gravity Movie OST. Compels me to watch the movie again
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  • hearing gr8 reviews about it :smiley:. 15 Oct '13.
swetank sinha @skks
@seba_catrpillar Hi Sir Do they have cut-offs for marks scored in 10th and 12th? if yes,what was the cutoff last year?
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
@intelligio1 Hi, What were the sectional cut off for MDI last year and will it remain the same this year also ?
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
@NMIMS2014 Hello Sir, I filled up the permanent address in the NMAT form incorrectly. I had to write Sector 29, but instead I wrote Sector 20(which doesn't exist). The form cannot be edited according to the page. Is there any way, it can be changed may be not now but at a later stage ...
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
@NMIMS2014 Sir, for the past 15 days I have been mailing nmat2014[at the rate]pearson.com and also calling the registration team. I am still not able to change my address in the NMAT form(NOT in the Pearson form/view/website). Please advice action on the matter.
While filling class X & XII %, do we have to fill the average of all the subjects on the marksheet or top 5 ?

Hey all,I have just given an interview for ICICI bank po and they ask u to sign up a 5 year bond which is a big time,I have interest in Banking Industry but I will be Rigid if I sign up the bond and They said u might have to do sales job,Why will a PO do a sales job? in BIg dilemma Please help
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
@anjan007 Universal Rule - In every private sector bank, despite of what the designation or grade is all you have to do is SALES. You can start from cross selling products while you sit in the branch or sometimes door to door selling also. PO is basically an authorizer / verifier job. I can suggest you is that go for a private bank which doesn't have any bond & simultaneously prepare for IBPS III. If you are a hardcore sales person , then go for the bond clause otherwise chuck EVERY PRIVATE BANK . ATB !
Kunal Sehdev @master.of.fate
What all things are required if we are submitting iift form at the counter??
Rishabh Mathur @rishabh3374
1 Black ball pen, 1500 INR & passport size photo. Go to Block 2 ; 3rd floor & submit on the ground floor. Dont forget to take the acknowledgement slip & remember your form #