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Has any1 got the hard copy of the letter by post by now?

I have not got any hard copy by post yet and no other formal e-mail with any attachments,barring the first confirmation e-mail that I think was sent across on 20th April which asked us to send an one line confirmation back to PGP office.

Any fellow PGP1s who received them? The information about the initial amount to be paid,amount to be paid on the day of registration(in case we don't get a loan before that) and the dead line for the same are all kind of speculative so far and its based on what our seniors have paid last year

Man I so wanted to contribute to this thread!

X: 84% (Matriculation)
XII: 72% (Assam State Board)
UG: B.TECH(CIVIL) N.I.T. Warangal-2008
UG aggregate: 6.78/10

CAT 2010: (first time in my life I took up CAT)


Calls: B,L,K,I,RRT(no Ranchi)

Work Ex: 30 months at Capgemini in I.T.consulting

B-Decent WAT; PI -thought it was a disaster,have not joined any CATcoaching and all my answers were Suvanallah!They probably knew that within first few minutes and next 20 minutes were a freak show for me.For whatever I told them they had a counter argument ready,I even fell silent and had to agree with them on couple of occasions. There is one thing I did right though-I did not deviate from what I have written in SOP,was dead honest in answering anything,even told them that for my low CGPA,career wasnt a priority for me then as I had some personal issues to take care off ,could not get a good core job becoz of low gpa and didnt try to go back to core later as I garnered interest my current job in I.T. They were making terribly frustrated faces whenever they were not convinced
(no technical/acads,was very HR kinda but few qs like company turnover and market shares were asked)

Verdict-Converted!!!(I still cant believe it,may be being different from rest of the panel, and being honest paid off)

L-AVG essay/GD-decent PI(could not answer some civil engg relatd qs,but may be was pardoned as my general awareness,especially about my home state was really good)

K:Skipped,was feeling very low after screwing up B,kismat pe chod diya tha

I:Skipped as well,was on 19th April,B came up with result on 18th:

RRT:bad GD+avg PI
Verdict:does not matter

All the very best to all other PuyS,hope this helps as I gained a lot from you all :)


Converted B & L

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Got the confirmation email...looks like they want a confirmation email to be replied on top of that??Can anybody please confirm

Converted B!!:drinking: hope to meet u guys all in the place to B


cleared IIMB :drinking:

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I don't fail....I succeed or I learn

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Guest @guest_writer
_Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here._

X % - 85% Assam Board
XII% Science - 72%, Assam Board
B.E. Civil Engineering 68%, N.I.T warangal

I.T. industry-32 months
CAT (2010):
(category SC)

Extra acads :
member of college volleyball team,Tabla visharad

Topic: "Taboos and tradition are nothing but cultural baggage"
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time given: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Wrote an essay on the same topic.It Was supposed to be within 300 words,think it went far beyond that,was just about average,tried to draw a conclusion by saying we should be open to learn from other cultures and enrich our tradition else it becomes obsolete and burdensome bla bla bla.

Didn't join any coaching for GDPI..spoke only twice...lot of guys were talking about tradition of china and japan for some reason.I tried to distinguish between taboo and tradition but don't think it was proper :banghead:

Rate your preparation(0-5): 1
Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Panel Members Intro:one middle aged guy(M),one younger(Y),had a feeling he is ex alumni.I was the second last to go in
M:So,you are from Assam!
Me: Yes sir
M: Which place exactly
Me:told the district name(Nagaon) and the town
M: How far is Nagaon from Guwahati?
Me:126 km by road sir ( give or take 1-2 km :P)
M:Hey I heard one chief minister of Assam is from your district!!
Me: Prafulla kumar Mahanta sir(and some additional info such as he was the secretary of nagaon college student council etc etc)
M: How long did he serve?
Me: He was elected twice sir,once in 80's and then in 90's(Couldnt remember exact years )
M: Ok,brahmaputra passes through your district?
Me: yes sir ,there is a bridge near a place called silghat in my district over it.
M: How wide is the river?
Me: (Confused) width as in near Nagaon sir?
M:No ,I mean where is it more wide?Guess its narrower near Guwahati?
Me: Its quite wide in upper assam,and yes it passes through khasi hills near guwahati and is narrower,the first bridge over Brahmaputra was built over there.
M: Name of the bridge?
M:How long is that?
Me: I don't remember the exact length but its more than one km.
M:(Smiling) it will be definitely more than one km man.
Me: Yes sir..I mean I am sure its less than 1.5km but more than 1 km
M:Heard another bridge was being built near upper assam?
Me: In a place called Bogibil near dibrugarh district sir.
M:What is the length of that?
Me: (Damn) ...i think more than 4 km sir(actually 4.940)
M: Less than 5 is it?
Me: I think so sir ;)
M:Ok,so why is ur district famous?
Me: Chief ministerial discussion was over..and i didn't really know if my district was that famous.Told about spiritual and cultural figure of assam, sankardeva being born there,agricultural hub etc...guess i should have studied more:(
M:Do u know about Majuli?
Me: Yes sir,largest river island in the world.
M: You know that place was in news in the 90s.I mean it was even in international headlines,related to action of Ulfa.
(I saw that coming,he probably gave me a hint,it wasn't really a question I think)
Me:told about social activist Sanjay Ghose who worked for the developement of that place and its inhabitants,being kidnapped and later killed by Ulfa.
(felt for the first time he was impressed).
M: how many bihus are there?
Me: named them and the seasons in which they are celebrated:D
M: Why is one of them called Kati Bihu?
Me: Mixed up in excitement,recovered later saying that its celebrated in the assamese month of Kati so...
M: I heard people starve from hunger at that time??
Me:Its infertile season so crop production is not high.the food deposits from previous years get reduced by that time for farmers.(did start well but damn..mixed up later while comparing with bhogali bihu....so there it was...a rehersed answer gone bad:banghead:)
M: ok...have u visited Kamakhya temple ?
M: As a child,once .
M: Do you agree with animal slaughter ritual that is performed there?I mean its banned in rest of India but still the government does nothing about it in Assam?Why?
Me:(So a question about GD topic)Its tantric tradition.Also I don't think its only in Assam sir,similar rituals are performed in some other places in India as well.
M: (his face turns grim)Where else?
Me: Told him about some places and temples of north bengal.(don't really know if I should have said that)
M: Ok but do you agree with that?
Me:Said i don't agree.Cruelty against animals in the name of worshiping is a pretty sick medieval tradition.But then the govt. doesn't wanna interfere with religious sentiments of the mass. So...
M:(Doesn't look that convinced)Ok...so who built the Kamakhya temple?
Me: King Narakasura,
M:Allright (Leans back and Starts smiling)...
Y:(For the first time he speaks...he was going through my certificates and watching me)tells M while raising his eyebrows and pointing to me-->'civil engineer'
M:(looks excited..bad sign)you saw the structure of kamakhya temple?!
Me:(here it comes...sh**)yes sir..its dome shaped..made from stone
M: Its amazing isn't it?no pillars,no beams but it has been there for thousand years!!
Me: (Trying to turn the discussion)...well even pyramids have no beams sir.
M: (Stops me...he had enough of G.K.discussion I guess)..yes but it isn't dome shaped
Me: blabbered something about load distribution,being max. on pillers.
M: (He has got me by that time..takes out a paper ,draws the diagram and asks me to point out where the force due its own weight will be more)
Me: near the edges
Me: Ok magnitude of force due its own weight at the top?
L: not sure sir(Sh**)
M:In a beam where should the reinforcement be,in middle or near edges?
Me: I was not thinking much...said cant recollect...was a long time ago and i have not been in touch...blabbered again trying to answer and they started laughing
Y:did you read about Bandra Worli sea link?How was it built?
Me:(I even read about the first accident that took place over there after it was opened,but didn't care much about the technology :()
I have not followed in detail sir.
Y:various types of bridges?
Y:grade of ordinary cement?
me:could not recollect
Y:What is quick setting cement?
Me:answered correctly
Y:Grade of that?
Me:dont remember sir.
M:(takes back charge, again draws diagram of rcc beam and describes load distribution on that,says--now you see how it bends?
M:Why is that so?
Me:(My mentos moment) it imparts elasticity to the structure sir.Otherwise concrete is quite brittle at higher loads.
M:what took you so long earlier then?
Me:(frankly did not know what to say...just smiled)
M to Y:You have any questions ?
Y signals he is done and hands me over the file.
M:Thanks,and please send the next person.
Me:Thanks so much sir.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 1
Rate your performance(0-5): :drinking:

It was pretty chilled out,didnt get stressed much.
But big 0 on past academics,was banking more on work exp related topics and my technical domain of work.

VERDICT: Converted!!!Don't wanna introspect any further,just living it for the time being!!


Very important....does anybody have any idea in which format we should upload the SC/ST certificate for IIMB online submission....???? I have one issued by my state government specific format from 10 years ago.i dont think the DC will write it and seal it again in CAT specified format.... shall i be rejected if i scan and upload the certificate in the format issued to me by the state government? Its still the original one

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