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Max18 Says
Any clue on the current status of WL???? How much has it moved

Hey....it would be possible to get a clear picture of the waitlist movement only after the first round of payments end i.e tomorrow....
So relax and wait for tomorrow evening for further updates

Hi all....
With our exams finally drawing to a close, you guys can definitely expect your queries to be answered much faster.....
Keep the spirit up !!!!

1987amrevg Says
can anyone tell me which bank is nearest or in the campus... with ATM facility?

Hey....there is a SBI bank inside the campus where you will need to open an account as your hostel payments would be processed from it.
Although there are no ATMs inside the campus, you do have ICICI Bank,Citibank,HDFC and SBI ATMs within 5 minutes walking distance from South Campus....

Well said Maulin...

What we all need to understand is that this course has just been around for 4 years....and the growth story is there for you to see...
Prior to any product being accepted in the market, it has do a lot of fire fighting. However, one thing which cannot be compromised for is performance.

Now that our limited alum base is doing really well in their respective fields and with the course being accepted in the industry, you can rest your doubts and just look forward to clearing the waitlist

Hi Puneet,

Is the website also updated with the same?


Till last year the website didnt use to be updated with the revised lists....
The candidates used to be informed by post....However, I used to call up every second Friday and find out about the waitist movement....would advise u guys to do the same

Hey all...
Hope u guys are having a good time post the results...

Well, this post is in response to a something which we have observed on this thread and other public forums.
Many people of the incoming batch are using the terminology FMS-MS to refer to the course.
Kindly be clear about the fact that its not FMS-MS, it is FMS-MBA(MS)...
You guys are going to do a MBA in Management of Services(MS) from the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

Kindly take this seriously as it doesnt help FMS if someone asks the name of the course and we give some distorted information.

Cheers.....Keep shooting your questions

Hi seniors,

what kind of profiles do the ppl in mba-ft get which the ms guys dont get because of the difference in course structure? Thr may not be any but just asking out of curiosity. Most prpbably i'll be joining you ppl at the south campus this June...really eager to study amonst ppl like you. Also, how is the gym facility at FMS. Does FMS have a dedicated gym, sports facilities etc or do they belong to the entire south campus residents? For hostel facilities, are they dedicated to FMS or is it shared with other DU students and secondly do we have to apply separately for the hostels or will it be taken care of by the fms administration?

Priyabrata Mohanty


As mentioned earlier, there is no difference in the profiles offered to students of MBA and MBA-MS....placements are common and whatever profile is offered to people from MBA is offered to the MBA-MS students as well...so chill..
Well, FMS doesnt have a gym....however, the hostel that you will be staying in has a up and running gym.
As for sports facilities...u have facilities of Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton and a host of other games...These facilities are shared by people from other departments in South Campus....just to give you an update, we recently had the South Campus Sports tournament and I must say, it was fun with badminton matches going on till late in the night....Simply put, the gym and sports facilities here are at your hand's reach and of good quality...
The hostels out here are really big and are shared by people from FMS, MBE, MFC, Msc, Psychology and the their Post Graduate Departments in South Campus....its a really good experience to be staying with these people....try it for yourself....
You will have to apply seperately for the hostels. However, the seniors would be there to help you and let you know about the formalities to be followed...
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I'd request all the puys who have converted both FMS(MS) and XLRI to kindly update the excel sheet attached.

This was prepared by Shree1983, kudos to him!



Its a good excel thats been prepared....
you guys keep each other updated about your various calls and converts....it would help you to keep a track of the movements and speculate your chances better
Hey people,
I converted XLRI
Would be joining it for sure :)
My WL was 9 in MBA (ms)


He Vasudha...congrats on your convert...
It was nice to have you here