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jus wanted to know is d hr slip to be submitted along with d invitation letter is d same for all selected candidates..i mean d account no on it..plzz help

wl v b allowed to make entry into hostl by 10..actually my trn wl b reachin @ 8 pm..wanted 2 cmplete d hostl formalities 2mrw one is pickin up d cal in d admin office..plz help.. it...dey wer talkin abt those rcpts..evn i thought got confused wen dey mentioned lettr..newys thnxx

ratnakar3785 Says
U all will get the mail regarding the ind progr most probably by thurs or frid:) Cheers

i called d admin dept dey wer talkin about some letter which has already been sent by them,though i didnt receive it yet..n dey told dat no mails wl b sent in this regard..

seniors..hd a it dat work load is considerably high in retail jobs n der r no fixed wrkin hours evn...plzz clarify dis doubt...thnxx

ratnakar3785 Says
@richapri- we hav separate hostel 4 boyz n galz..... although the building is same but the there's a partition n a gate in btwn the boyz n galz hostel...... 3 ppl liv in 1 room..... u would b provided wid a cot, an almirah, a study table wid chair, individual bathroom in each room, 1 lan cable 4 net 2 each individual........ no cooler/AC is provided in the hostel, only 1 cieling fan is dere in each room..... one tt room, 1 gym, 1 mgmt mess is dere..... our hostel is of 12 floors n has 2 lifts connecting each floor:) deadline 4 entering into hostel is 10.30pm both 4 boyz n galz on all days except sunday (11.0pm)...... n u would b given a hostel id card also:) n 4 the 1st yr room allotment is generally done as per region wise i.e. all delhites, mumbaikar's, etc would usually stay in 1 room, in the 2nd yr u can stay wid anyone as per ur wish:)..... u would get 2 know on 20th itself who r ur roomies:) there would b a sheet on the hostel notice board indicating ur room no n ur roomies:) there's a laundry also in our hostel but its a bit expensive n regarding the net speed in our hostel i would giv it a score of 3 on 10:) ......RM boyz would stay on 5th floor n galz would stay on 3rd floor...... boyz hostel warden is rajappa sir n galz hostel warden is dhan dastoor mam..... n hostel caretaker is rajanlal wid chaubey sir as the head of both boyz n galz hostel:)..... wenever u go 2 hostel 2 tak ur rooms, u would hav 2 fill 1 hostel form wid a pic attached 2 it n would hav 2 show ur originla reciept of hostel fees also at that time:) only then ur hostel i card would b made n u would b provided wid all the keys of ur room, almirah etc......Cheers

sorry to bug u wid dis silly jus wanted 2 know if non veg food is provided in the mess...thnx:):)

In pgdm rm,for summer internship ,do companies come to select students on campus or they need to apply on their own..??plz reply..

can any of the seniors plz share the facilities provided in the very little information is available about it
both in the brochure as well on the official site ??thnx..

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wl b able 2 snd d dd for fee submission only by dat case if i mail al d details including dd no..wl der b any problem since d dd may tak 2-3 dys to reach der..??

shaan35 Says
go 4 retail program .its far more better than icici........ cn u elaborate a bit more..i mean hw do u think its bttr dan dis icici prog...