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Can anyone please provide any insight on this??.. please... :rockedov:

hi al,,

hope your PO preps are in full swing...

i guess i have done a blunder in applying for UCO Bank PO... I dint mention the relevant details on the back side of the Bank Draft, but hve posted the application already.... Does any one have any idea if the application will be summarily rejected?

Please confirm ASAP... though i know there's not much i can do now..
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hi al,,

hope your PO preps are in full swing...

i guess i have done a blunder in applying for UCO Bank PO... I dint mention the relevant details on the back side of the Bank Draft, but hve posted the application already.... Does any one have any idea if the application will be summarily rejected?

Please confirm ASAP... though i know there's not much i can do now..

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Thanks aksaaa1 and federer.. it felt like I was tricking the system.. I hope I get to explain myself at the time of interview.. and btw, for work-ex guys, it's gonnabe a bit dicey coz the system is letting one enter work ex only till 1st Dec, 2008... thats ridiculous.. coz there are people who are (hopefully) working beyond that "auspicious" date!!

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aksaaa1 Says
my dear fellow puy.....you haven't wasted your money.you are eligible for allahabad poall those people who have studied computer for 1 year in their graduation are eligible for this post.the information is 100% authentic as i got this info. from allahabad bank's hr department.

but aksaa... i couldn't keep the diploma row blank... try making an application by keeping the row blank.. it just doesnt work.. the system wont let you submit the form.. try it and see for yourself....
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ashishpatna Says
you are also eligible they just need basic computer awarness

no this is not true... i have just wasted Rs.400 trying to apply for Allahabad PO.. They are strictly looking for a Diploma In computers.. even if that includes a mere MS Office acquaintance... I have studied BBA (H) from Calcutta University and had Computer Applications as a major paper in two out of three years of my course.. But still, since I dont have an additional diploma, my application could not be submitted.. So puys, dont spend the amount even if you are a Computer Engineer.... Allahabad Bank needs a "Diploma"....:-x :-x .... And dear Ashispatna, please refrain from giving any information about which you are not confirmed.... :new_let_it_all_out::new_let_it_all_out:
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roll Says
hi everyone,i just wanted 2 know if there r any po vacancies out currently?btw does anyone have any idea wen are d icici po results expected?

I have exactly the same questions...

Thank you Roll and Chandan.. you guys always keep me going... btw a hearty congratulation to all those who have qualified the SBI PO held on 27.04.2008 and are joining the largest bank of India.. and also a biiiiig congrats to all those who have qualified any other PO. I guess any PSB bank PO rocks!!

@ Chandan, boss I have been placed in Kolkata, my hometown, though I would be moving around a lot, in the city....

And btw... I have also qualified the SBI Clerical written exam.... and have my interview on the 16th October. So all PO's.. I will give you a tuf competition within two years or so.... that is.. if I dont crack CAT or any PO by then..!!

Keep the momentum of the thread goin strong..

by the way, have you guys and gals heard about the magazine Banking Service Comission?

And my qstn nos. 2 and 3 have already been asked by Roll... I have quoted them...

So ATB guys .. keep rocking...
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bdr Says
ICICI result is not out yet.....

Thanks for your response bdr :)

but I guess you got my qstn wrong.. what I had asked was "Are there people out here who have applied for the ICICI PO exam, but did not get a call to appear for the exam" like an sms or a mail or anything of that sort...

My apologies for my miscommunication.
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back to this forum after a long hiatus... there's just a small(very small indeed) bit of good news on my part... Junta here must be aware that SBI Life Insurance had conducted an exam for the posts of Sales Trainee and Graduate Trainee... I have qualified for the Sales Trainee position(though I had opted for both) and am joining tomorrow or the day after..

But the whole objective ofthis post is.. Does anyone have any idea if there are any PO exams for which the last day is not over yet? And, is there anyone out here who had applied for the ICICI Bank PO, but dintget a call?

Thanks in advance guys.. it feels good to look at this thread and find so many sincere aspirants... the number keeps on increasing.....

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I'd like to echo Love_CAT here. And a bit of Rik too. I, like the former, am not a member of the KDT, if being a member is tantamount to being eligible to post your scores on the thread which in turn lead to the ranking of KDT as a whole on the PGPL Forum.. if I'm not wrong, this is what DT's are functionally about. And this initiative has been taken up so that there is there is a healthy competitive environment,which makes the countdown to the CAT all the more enjoyable and enriching.. It's certainly a superb venture by PG.

But, KDT (and all other DT's) are much more than mere mock CAT percentiles.. When there are those PG meets, the posting and subsequent addressing to the queries of lesser mortals like me, the words of encouragement to the puy who has screwed up the odd mock, and above all, the seemingly endless initiatives by our beloved skip, Rik, then we do realise that KDT is nothing less than a revolution.

And this initiative of having a conference discussing the AIMCATS of TIME... if I am not wrong, this is one venture which is unique to KDT, courtesy Rik. I, myself, have taken part in just one (last week) and believe me, all those who have attended any so far, will know, the atmosphere is electric.. the interaction we have, the queries being put forward and addressed, the efficient handling of the entire confy by apna skip... it just rocks..

I had my mind dead set on attending yesterday's confy, but some 15 odd mins prior to the confy I learnt that I'd be unable to do so. Here I may mention that I am a regular student of TIME, so "apparently" I dnt need a confy to solve my doubts, but i knew that i must attend this confy because:
1. AIMCAT 909 was the best approximation to a CAT paper considering the past mocks,
2. We, at TIME, did not have any analysis of the paper, when most of us had really expected one.

So when i could not attend the confy yesterday I was a bit nervous, coz having doubts before the next mock means you have backlogs... And the first thing in the morning, I logged in to PG to have a look at the confy transcript .. I was pretty sure this transcript would be particularly long... but instead I found Rik's post..

Now to cut the crap,
1. there are many in KDT , who are not attending any coaching insti and who might not be able to clear their doubts anywhere else but at the confy,
2. there might be people who, like me, need to attend the confys in spite of attending coachings, because , as Love_CAT puts it, the ideas that u sometimes get here are radical and worth preserving.
3. As for me, I was happy with reading and analysing the transcripts, cause I always felt that the best minds on KDT are putting forward there insights to the mocks , but only recently I understood tat if i bring in my share of doubts and approaches, that is more desirable.
4. There might be days when we cant attend the confy, but if that is the case we should inform Rik well in advance. And if something happens real close to the confy timing(as with me and cat.ka.maara yesterday), we should sms Rik about our inability to attend. I bet all active puys have rik's contacts(i dnt hav his number, so I mailed him).
5. We should understand that being the captain , Rik has the responsibility of staying online for a good amount of time, before the confy starts, and so if finally no one turns up,it's a complete waste of time on his part.... So if puys, who are regular at the confys, inform Rik befoerhand, it becomes easier for him to plan in advance, and if need be, for a particularly typical AIMCAT as 909, the meeting can be convened at a later date.

These are just suggestions on my part. Being an earnest well-wisher of the KDT, I thought I have the responsibility to make this post.

One request to Rik, please don't discontinue the confys, they are enlightening, especially with the last few TIME mocks to go, where, it's expected that TIME will be streamlining their mocks more and more.

A request to the puys, please contact Rik.


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Is there any one in Kolkata who can donate his CL mocks and study materials, especially the Quant mats.. Please PM me then.

Thanks in advance..

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