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Fine.. point taken... I was not aware of the .. um.. complexity.. involved..

If you can speak about it as elequently in an interview.. you and use it to your advantange..

But would like to re-iterate.. I dont think a company will not give you a lateral position based on this experience.. they tend to be picky about things like these..


For all practical purposes.. I am an XL alumnus (though I am still on campus).. and I do resent being called "sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"..

I know not why xion, if he is an XLer chose to mask his identity and do agree it was in bad taste (if the mod is correct and he is from XL).. but I must reluctantly agree that he does make a good case at times.. but of course you dont need to believe me.. I will be the first to say I am biased..

To those trying to make a choice between B-schools.. you have to work a little harder to be able to make a choice.. you can expect an easy solution.. Ask the right question.. if you leave the field open. you will get only those answers people want to give you.. hell.. believe me.. you will have facts selectivly sent across all the time.. by bschools now.. the company giving ppts on campus.. then the people you work with.. so get used to weeding out the bullshit.. to help you out.. here are a few questions you could ask..
. decide on which area you would like to work in..
. check which of these companies offer roles in these areas..
. check whether they do come to the campus you are considering..
. check if they offer the same role, and pay package..
. check if the pay package the bschool claims is bloated with stuff you never get to see like training expenses, etc..

Do remember.. what you see in the papers may not be true.. if that were so. then the Iraq war is just, Bush is a genius and beauty pagents are based on a person personality not looks...


Work ex in a coaching institute., though technically is work exp, no company will regard it as relevant work experience. So doubt if the interviewers would either. Nice way to earn easy money, but teaching tricks to crack CAT/XAT does not really count as corporate exposure..

There are quite a few opportunities available nowdays for relevant pre-MBA work exp. Infact, I remember an ad in Times Accent where Merrill Lynch was offering roles in equity research (?? not too sure .. it was sometime back).. for undergraduates.. Dont believe you will get a better grounding to get into a good school land a good fin job..


this is gonna be a non-value-add .. reactive posting.. do excuse..

I am sure IIM-I is a very nice place..
But you really need to give better reasons than you just stated..

ET?.. is that not the paper which uses soft porn and tabloid type stories (check out their recent series on the IT professional..) to sell..
I wouldn't really give much thought to the quality of their output..
(Come to think of it better not give any to any of the rankings)

For the query in the top post... What I posted in the other thread started by Nitwit still holds.. so do excuse if I avoid repeating myself..

This is what XLRI website will tell you about it..

Traditionally the participants have been junior/middle level executive in Jamshedpur and neigbouring areas (Ranchi, Cal, etc).. People were mostly day scholars..

Believe from this year onwards, XLRI is inviting people from all over.. with it being more of a residential course..


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I would say that a job with a S/W firm would definitly put you on a better footing rather than as a tech support guy.

Most S/W companies which recruit from business schools do have a liking for people who are familiar with how things run at a S/W firm.

Not really aware how BPOs looks at mgmt grads so cant comment on how BPO work exp is looked at by them.

About BPO giving you more time to study.. possibly.. then again.. you really dont need to put in more than a couple of hours a day for 3-4 months.. which most S/W jobs would allow anyway.

But would recommend that whatever be the case, do take up a job. Explaining idle time is quite hard at interviews to a B-School and recruiting firms.
Also, If u feel that your acads are less than average and from not one of the top engg. institutes, working a bit could substantially improve your chances of landing a decent job in a B-School.


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IIM-L from what I have heard has one of the best industry interfaces among the IIMs.

Also, the new director(or was it the dean).. Pritam Singh is supposed to be one hell of an administrator.

On the flip side, the curriculum is said to be the tougest too.

In my opinion, it would really not make much sense to sit out a year hoping to make it next time.
You will be much better of if you can end up in the top 10% at IIM-L rather than below the 30 percentile from IIM-A.

But.. did you say France.. hmm.. Anyway it is a personal choice..

PS: I did not make IIM-L..


Been relieved of making a tough decision...

IIM-L is a no go... (IIM-K and I were not an issue after XL sent me the come on)

So XL it is...

(So much for my research to make a decision)


Hi Guys...

My apologies for not putting up my exp earlier...

Had my interview at Chennai... Blueshift (The CEO is an XL alumni).. 10th Mar.

The interview was as I thought pretty ordinary...

Panel of 2 ..

Started off with one of them saying 'You are from Kerala.. tell me something about Kerala'.
I kinda sidestepped.. claiming I cant comment as I was brought up outside..

Asked me about festivals in Kerala...

Which one I felt was the most important.. There was an attempt here to unsettle me when one of them caught on when I used the word 'believe'..

My opinion on BPO.. whether there was too much hype associated with it... whether it was ethical... Believe i handled it quite well...

My opinion on reservation.. gender reservation...

Then one of them claimed the Univ I studied at was called something else when it started out... I stood steadfast saying it was CUSAT since 1971 when it started out.. A bit of sparring on this.. (later found out the guy was an Alumni from that place )..

Asked me about ILO.. I started to answer.. when I realized I didnt really know anything other than the full form.. Declined to comment..

Lasted for around 10-15 minutes...

Left both of them jolly and laughing.. but not believing I had a chance... They just did not seem interested enough to probe..

A couple of guys before me were also from Infy.. They were grilled about Infy.. Infact the first thing that one of them heard when they went in was .. "Infosys is going to shut down"... Seems they had interviewed 15 odd guys from Infy over the last few days..
The other was grilled about the budjet..

Been asking around about XL vs IIM-K/I/L..

People feel the alumni factor weighs very strong for XL.. So K and I are not in contention at all..
Batch size was another factor.. but not sure now how it weighs due to the increase in intake..


Hi Guys,

A couple of questions have been bugging me about XL.. Hope someone here would be able to answer them..

. Is the batch size to be 60 or 100+ for the BM programme.

. Any idea what sort of job profiles are offered by the IT companies recruiting from the campus.. from the BM students that is...