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My dear friend,
Relax! I laugh at the mess your boring essay has all over it. Take my advice; revisit Wren&Martin; (heard of such authors? If not, do what you always do using Google), get your basic English Grammar right, re-appear in entrance exams like me and live up to the tag of a B-school student if not a reputed B-school student. Let me help you in a small way

1.When youre already bad, why use jargon and make the deficiency apparent. Keep things simple. Its First THINGS first.

2.Correct spellings are COMPARISON and INSTITUTES. For poor English users like you, MS-Word offers the Spell Check option. Use that at least and improve on your spellings. Or, you had been so enthusiastic or nervous to reply that you were in a hurry. Chill! Youre replying an aspirant ď Š ROFL

3.And in that same line, it is not allowed ON PG. You dont use AT. Let me bring some clarity. At is used to refer a particular place. For example, remember? We used to MAKE SENTENCES in English during Primary school. Let me do that for you.
You say I stay at Hotel Le Royal Meridien. Got it? Please feel free to revert in case of any more queries.

4.And even worse was you saying that with a disclaimer that I was from SIBM Bangalore. Firstly youre a SIBM Bangalore student and that cant be a disclaimer. Maybe you dont take pride in you portraying yourself as a SIBM-B student. Fine! Thats why I quit. But, kindly dont mislead aspirants here. Especially, when you represent the Admissions in a happening and venerable forum like Pagalguy. Coming back, learn the meaning of DISCLAIMER and then use it in sentences. One more correction, dont say I was from SIBM Bangalore. You still are a student there. ROFL. Realized to follow my footsteps of quitting? Then, do that and use past tense. ROFL.
Already, so many mistakes and Im tired of correcting and advising you.
Now, dont try to act over-smart by attempting to find fault in my English grammar in this post. Let me affirm, its absolutely flawless and secondly, I dont take suggestions from people who need to re-visit Wren&Martin.;
Food for thought:

For you: Spend half hour reading the posts of Admission team members from your own sister institutes like SIBM Pune, SCMHRD and SIIB. They write well.

For Admissions Team, SIBM-B: Kindly select students who will do justice to the task assigned. And as far as the above user is concerned, console him if hes disgusted at what hes done by conveying that the learning process is a continuous one however lagging the current state is. He can still make it back here during the GD-PI stage. Till then, let some learning happen ď Š

Friend i hope you know how to behave in public forum...anyways i don't think we are here for any gossip or want to know about your so called delightful past, we are here to help and guide the students regarding Snap. So its better we stick to that context. And if you want to give any personal insight without any proper authentication you can surely do that at your own blog.
Anywayz atb for your prep...and good luck for your future.
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Hello pals,
I am a 1st year MBA student, planning to take marketing+operations. Really passionate about it. Basically wanted to know is there any certification course in marketing (of real worth), and as i am a fresher what chances do i stand to enter into I.T. industry.

Life@ b-School .......seriously the most unexpected time of your life. At Sibm-b it increases five fold more ...!
"Samagam" on roll....Alumuni Committee is totally workalcholic regarding the event, ....back to back "jazz" is also there........coming week would be rocking............


Hello everybody,
After a long time posting on pg, lyf has really changed after coming to sibm b.
Time flows in a whisker here. But am enjoying to the fullest. Its home away from home. Looking forward for jazz a brutal dancer..
bye till then....

As communicated earlier,we are organizing the second phase of the City Meets in the form of "Alumini-Fresher Meets".

The meets will be held in the following cities on Saturday,May 21,2011 at 5 pm.The venue in each city will be communicated soon.

So guys gear up..! free your schedules..! Hope to see you there..!

would be missing it again....:lookround:

hey buddy,
just email the admission office with giving reference to your snap id and they would give you the acknowledgement if they have received. i have done the same thing...:cheerio:
i want to know briefly about M&A; and what different roles an mba degree holder can play in M&A;?
can anyone plzzz help!

hello anybody..who can help me out with this question plzzz....:lookround:

did accenture recruit dis tym, coz in interim placement report i saw the name but on the placement webpage the name is missing......

i want to know briefly about M&A; and what different roles an mba degree holder can play in M&A;?
can anyone plzzz help!

If you know that each companies shares profile which the student is expected to work on..!!
However if the student does not fit the requirements they are not selected..!! Which account to job loss...!!
Thats is the reason we say companies will come on campus but the student has to convert it..!!

These companies did only come for marketing..!!

SIBM Bangalore is not a Placement Agency....!!! The college or the Placements committee is not responsible for getting a student placed. it is only responsible for giving opportunities to students by having companies on campus...!!

seriously bro,
thanks for giving such a valuable insight. as a fresher i hardly know dis things but under dis auspicious thread i am getting enlightened..! lucky to have seniors like you