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Can someone please confirm whether IMTg office would be open tomorrow. Have to deposit the drafts and I have a train to catch.

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coloured_green Says
comeon guys..u gotta be proud..u made it to IMT GHAZIABAD..

You bet I am.. top of the world too.. just had some intial apprehensions with IT specialization but on retrospective this is what I am really close to so no point running after what others have.

Would really like to have a one on one with the 2008 IT batch guys.. otherwise these 2 months are gonna be soooo dull..
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Not sure abt the details this year, but last year we had to get the loans on our own. But it was a cinch too. Got it done in a couple of days. No collateral needed for a loan ciao

Hmmm.. thanks for the info. And is the loan for the entire thing or just for the academic fee coz the entire thing is well above 4L.
Also.. for the fee schedule will I have to come personally to the institute.
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Could anyone please enlighten me on the edu loan process. Will there be banks at IMT to facilitate the process or Ill have to approach locally on my own.
Now what all documents and collateral and stuff would be needed to avail the loan (what do I need to bring along). How much time would it take to process the loan.
Someone please give me a detailed idea on this.

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SENIORS PLZ HELP! I have been offered admission in PGDBM(IT).there is no info on the site of imt or in the brochure about this program.I have NIRMA in my kitty .So due to lack of info i am in a quandary.It would be a great help if anybody can clear the air by answering my queries-:

1)In PGDBM(IT) what is the course module ?

2)Will the first yr. of the program be the same for all the specializations? (as was the case with the previous batches)

3) in the second yr. will we be allowed to pick finance as our MINOR?

4) What are the prospects of PGDBM(IT) given that PGDBM(f/t) is the flagship program of IMT?

5) during the placements will the IT companies that come to campus be picking PGDBM(f/t or fin) guys over guys with PDBBM(IT)?
PLZ respond to my queries as i desperately need some sound advice & i am not very aware of the current scenario

1. See attachment
2. Yes it would be, I saw on the website.
3. No idea
4. Even I wanna know that.
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good question.. would like to know the views of experienced peeps.
Personally I feel that (esp in IN) serves the purpose of developing the analytical and grasping abilities of a person so finance would be a logical extension too.
It involves making lots of tech-fundamental analysis and then relying on your instinct.

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title of ur post was sickening and thatz how it was.
by using harsh language and saying ur college cannot be compared to others(read lbsim,fore.imi,nirma) ur not doin any gud to ur college's already grt reputation hope u get tht.

exactly.. besides there are lots of legit queries regarding IMT in this thread that need to be answered.
Its a different thing though that I will be joining IMT for sure..
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Got the letter for IT which was my 2nd preference. 1st being Finance. boy so many people have opted for finance as their 1st preference and not got it (at least so is the case on PG).
Anyway am on the 2nd list of GIM too. Now dont want to crap the thread with that same old Q of which one would be better for me... but still please let me know.. (assuming that I clear the GIM waitlist)

As for previous post.. I think it means you better pay the fee asap.
2006-2007 means that right now lets talk only about the first year of PGDBM. Must be like in engg where you have to take admission each year.

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@maverick rahul

Dude Hotel good times is in karol bagh but as soon as u see ramjas schools gate..just take the nxt left on the opposite side of the road 2wards karol bagh.... you will see the hotel

hope this helps

Another landmark would be... close to the huge Hanuman temple.

I was in the same group as lose_control. Had an interview of 45 minutes and out of that for 30mins they asked me "WHY MBA" ??: . I dont know whether they were not convinced or they were trying to stress me out. Tried my best to convince though. :P
Other than that there were question on F1. Like prepare a figures based model to predict the championship winner. Strengths/Weakness. On google.
Extempore was horrible for me. Was expecting something abstract but the most difficult topic (for me at least) came to me. Natwar Singh and Volker Report . Of all the things in the world...... anyway paused faltered and beat around the bush. Surprisingly enough my crap went for 3minutes and they had to stop me.

There were however two very funny moments. While the GD was going on in full flow someone opened the door to the room slightly and candidate no. 1 suddenly got up and shouted, "the door is opening".:wow:
And in the extempore candidate no. 4 (fromIT-BHU) had the topic on valentines day or something. He was citing an examlpe of RSS and their activities. He wanted to say that his friend was beaten up by the RSS guys even when he had gone to get some notes from the girls hostel and not to express his love (on 14th feb). HIs words were "he went there to get some notes and not to make love".:wow:

Anyway it was an awfully long day. Reported at 9AM and got off at 5:45PM and I was 14th in the group. May the soul of candidate no. 19 rest in peace.