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I am from Delhi...even though I am from Chennai originally:P

I am in...

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If somebody can share the workshop experience, it would be of great help to all those who couldn't attend....A request to all who attended...

I haven't received yet. Sent them a mail again.

Any update on TAS workshop venue. Think its on this coming friday. No update on that as well. Looks like everything is done in an hurry in this whole process...:grin:

2nd question is very important...without knowing that v cant evn say whethr our application was checked by TAS office...

evn i have the same query!!!
Nebody who has experience of goin thro this process may come forward and throw some light...

Yes there is some problem with site...Now again the cutoff tab says "The cut-off will be announced...." .....But they are sending Emails as well...

Guys will there be a shortlist once again after the submission of application?

Same as last year guys...650 is the cut off...Updated in the site...What next?