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Hi I had my GD/PI yesterday at SNDT, Santacruz. My batch timings were from 3.00 to 4.00. My GD topics were : Action springs not from though but from readiness of responsibility and the other topic was Education in India compared to other nations. Obviously none of understood the first topic and the other topic was selected.

PI was fine. There were two lady interviewers. They asked me the meaning of my name. After I immediately took my seat one of the interviewers directly asked me why am I here? Both of them just kept on asking me one question i.e. Why do I want to do MBA? No answer of mine seemed to satisfy them. Finally one of them asked me what do I like to do in my free time? And yes they also asked me that since I m already pursuing masters (M.Com) why do i want to do MBA. Then she asked me my Cet score. I said 100 and both of them looked at me and said okay good good. I don't know what that means and then asked me to leave. I guess mine was the shortest interview. But, it seems they were pretty bored of taking interviews since morning.

ALL THE BEST!!! I hope this helps.

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Guys, let me remind all of you here at PG that:
Last date to buy MAT(Feb 09) bulletin is 10 th Jan
Last date to be reieved at AIMA is 14th jan.
So please hurry up.
Also the last date to apply to NIILM-CMS is 15th Jan. It is very much accepting MAT
Last date to apply for Christ is 25th Jan.

So please hurry up.

Hi, thanks for the information but I just had this one doubt in mind about NIILM-CMS accepting MAT scores because this is what is mentioned on their website.

Three Tier Selection Process :
Tier 1 : Screening applicants on the basis of their CAT 2008*/ GMAT Scores.
Tier 2 : Candidates who qualify in the CAT with scores meeting NIILM-CMS standards are called for Group Discussions.
Tier 3 : Candidates finally appear for the personal interview with the Admission Board.

Can you please help? Thanks.
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Can you tell me the last year Cut Off for MBA in HR&IR;.

This link has quite a lot of errors listed. I checked it and it's helpful.


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well, I totally agree that these are synonyms for the word "expire" however it can only be used while referring to non living things. For eg: medicines have an expiry date and not Human beings. It's actually an Indianism.

Let me give you one more example. The sentence is I'm shifting to London next month (Indianism). The correct sentence here would be I'm moving to London next month. This is because the word shift is used, when we are referring to objects and not people . In a way we can relate both these sentences.

Yes, you are right, phrases like kicked the bucket and digging potatoes in the backyard are commonly used by Americans when referring to someone who has passed away.
Hope that helps!

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Hi puys, seems like I missing out on a lot of stuff but better later than never.

I too have something to contribute.

My aunt just expired.

Correction: My aunt just passed away . That's because human beings do not have have an expiry date. Lol. Funny, how we use it all the time.

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