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hey guys,good to see many students opting for unite world.i am sandeep and from Ahmedabad campus.crently doing my SIP in RAYMOD Apparel LTD... regarding te campus.its really good compared to many new born babies.if any one want info on Ahmedabad jst post ur queries.. c u guy

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A very very average SOP Mr. redsand.

Having a quote at the beginning of an SOP is not a compulsory requirement. but if you are having it, then its best to use something that is meaningful and has some significance to your writeup. in your case, it doesn't have much significance.

What Seth Godin means when he says that people should have superpower, is in terms of a persona. some people are terrific impressionists. the way they carry themselves when they meet someone or go about doing something, has a lasting impression on the minds of their co workers or friends. it has nothing to do with a qualification. And relating it to qualification seems a little awkward.

the rest of your SOP too doesn't impress me in any way. kindly go through other SOP's and see where/how u can improve. do post the SOP and we will review it.


thanks bharath .i will improve it.

hi barath,
please review my sop

"when you meet someone,you need to have a superpower,if you don't,you're just another handshake" -Seth Godin

I believe the superpower that i wanted to have is a management education from reputed business school, under the guidance of experienced faculty.

I have been brought up in an environment where due importance was given to every aspect like education,sports and cultural activities .being a caption of junior kho-kho team in my school is the first experience as a leader,apart from being an active participantand winner in various sports,game and cultural activities.while under graduation eucation had made me fairly comfortable withanalytical and logical skills.

Marketing management had facinated me for long.During my under graduate years my interest grew strong and started to read books and articles regarding marketing.But, i soon realised that this not the way to learn it.

A management program will provide me strong foundation in bussiness and
concepts and help me to achieve my goal as good marketing manager.I firmly believe that a mangemet program from XYZ will impart these skill in me through your industry experinced faculty.

Please check my result
Reg number : 8160334
Appln number :168654
DOB: 09/09/1985

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hi puy my answers are

Ready for some more questions puys...?

1. Indian Air-Force's current Vice-chief?
2. Where is the Dabhol Power Project located?
3. Which (late) Indian leader did the univ. of Cambridge honor and launched a professorship scheme in his name?Javahar lal Nehru
4. President of FICCI?Rajeev Chandrasekhar
5. Name the match refree who banned Harbhajan Singh in the test match series against Australia in Sydney.
6. Which famous orthopedic surgeon and inventor of Jaipur foot passed away in Jan 08?
7. Which umpire replaced Steve Bucknor after the India-Australia test issue?
8. Name the satellite and the country it belonged to, which was put into orbit by the Indian PSLV-10.
9. Chairman of US-India Business Council?Indra Nooyi
10. Name the main accused of fake stamp scam, who was sentenced in 08.

Answers on Monday..... out of station for XAT.
All the best to everyone.
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study_hard Says
Hey silk cultivation is known as sericulture, not horticulture.

sorry puys my mistake.thank you for correcting me
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jigar_p_civil Says
can u tell me latest FICCI president

i think golden revolution is related to silk,i mean horticulture.
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this is my take puys


1. Which life giving compound was announced to be discovered by NASA in the atmosphere of Mercury?
2. Successor of Sunil Gavaskar at the ICC?
3. Who beat whom at the Wimbeldon Women's/Men's final this year?
4. Who won the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament this year?srilanka
5. The member nations of the G8 have agreed to decrease the emissions of green house gases by __ % by 2050.
6. Miss Universe 2008 - name & place.
7. Which Pakistani player was tested positive for a banned substance during T20?mohammad sami
8. 2010 World Cup Hockey will be hosted by?india
9. Who was elected the President of Nepal this year?ram baran yadava
10. Who won the Tour de France 2008? carlos sastre
11. Which Indian writers (name the books also) which featured in the list of Man Booker prize 2008 for fiction?aravind adiga(white tiger),amitav gosh(sea of poppies)
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my take puyt chek for it

Questions from my side
1. As per the recent study conducted by the US Census Bureau and Boston Consulting Group, by the year ., the world will face deficit of around 56 million skilled manpower but India would be the only country with a surplus of manpower.
(a) 2020
(b) 2011
(c) 2019
(d) 2015
2. Which of the following is the Union minister of state for labour and employment
(a) Oscar Fernandes
(b) Antony
(c) George Fernandes
(d) Shivraj Patil
3. Recently, MOSTLY MEN, were crushed to death and several others injured in a stampede caused by a rush of devotees in the . temple in the 15th century Mehrangarh Fort on a hillock on the first day of Navaratri festival.
(a) Chamunda Devi
(b) Naina Devi
(c) Nanda Devi
(d) None of these
4. What is the full form of NPPA
(a) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
(b) National Product Pricing Authority
(c) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Agency
(d) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Administration
5. Which of the following is used for treatment of malaria ?
(a) sulphamethoxazole
(b) salbutamol sulphate
(c) potassium penicillin V
(d) benzathine penicillin G
6. Which of the following is the MD of SBI Life Insurance
(a) Uday Shankar Roy
(b) Sriprakash Jaiswal
(c) Shivshankar Menon
(d) JM Panchal
7. . will start mobile operations in the North East recently. It will initiate its Rs 200-crore rollout in a phased manner, starting with Assam.
(a) Tata Teleservices
(b) Reliance Communication
(c) BSNL
(d) MTNL
8. Who has been recently appointed as the ONGC Chairman?
(1) R.S. Sharma (2) Subir Raha (3) Bimal Jalan (4) G.N. Bajpai
9. Growth is Life is a punchline associated with
(1) LIC (2) Reliance Industries Ltd. (3) Tata AIG (4) K.K. Birla Group
10. Which of the following countries is not a member of the SAARC?
(1) China (2) India (3) Sri Lanka (4) Pakistan
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next set for february:

1. President of serbia (re-elected).boris tadie the iranian rocket launched to inaugrate it's recently built space center.
3. Newest member of wto.viatnam
4. President of italy.
5. Name the mission code of space shuttle atlantis.
6. Name the largest observation wheel in the world.
7. Name the interrogation method which the senate forbade the cia to use.
8. First youth olympic games will be hosted by? singapore
9. Name the successor of fidel castro.raul castro
10. Name the aircraft and the company 1st to fly on bio-fuel.vargin atlantic
11. Who won the academy awards for
a)best direction b)best actor/actress
12.which company was fined a record 899 million euros by the eu anti-trust commission?microsoft
13. Who is known as chemical ali?

waiting for others
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