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Where is the form?
I can't see any form.

My take is 1>becd

approach explained: option 4 nahi ho sakta...

Now d can not follow e as in d we are talking about voyages which were undertaken for a search for Sir john.

It rules out option 2.

Now remains option 1 and 3.

d follows c. read both the sentences. You can find a link.

so answer is 1

I am in.... Senior Puys at TISS(Anivesh sir)... help:)

lol.... thats all you can do if you have to come to the office so early...

good morning puys! wake wake up! when ll be the result out.... this link is noit working...

fingers corssed.... ATB:)

Help Puys...

I am planning to give GMAT in the year 2012.. I was thinking that I wd appear in the end of feb... or shall i give it by may.

I am working and have an exp of more thn 2 years.....

Anybody at bhopal.... for a study group....?


Even i got a call from TISS fellow yesterday... I think they are calling everybody who has given the written test, as he said, "IF you are shortlisted for gd/pi round"

I confirmed the date of result declaration 20th jan, with him to ensure results are not out..

I asked me to whether I have any doubts, I said that I will be having doubt after 20th jan:)

all d best


Which Indian state is the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured 'Muga' silk ?
(A) Assam
(B) Orissa
(C) West Bengal
(D) Karnataka


2. Which Indian freedom fighter was popularly called 'Mahamana' ?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(B) Jai Prakash Narain
(C) Gopal Hari Deshmukh
(D) Madan Mohan Malaviya

Madan Mohan Malviya

3. 'Anandmath', 'Durgeshnondini' and 'Kapalkundala' novels were authored by which Bengali writer ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Sharat Chandra Chatterjee
(C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(D) Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is built across which river ?
(A) Beas
(B) Chenab
(C) Jhelum
(D) Sutlej

5. Where was the first Indian Institute of Management (IIM) established in 1961 ?
(A) Kolkata
(B) Bengaluru
(C) Ahmedabad
(D) Lucknow
here u go!!! its Kolkata

Where is the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, the apex training institution for senior members of the civil services in India, located ?
(A) Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
(B) Mount Abu (Rajasthan)
(C) Darjeeling (West Bengal)
(D) Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)
Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)

7. Which was the only session of Indian National Congress (INC) presided over by Mahatma Gandhi ?
(A) Surat (1907)
(B) Belgaum (1924)
(C) Lahore (1929)
(D) Tripuri (1939)
Belgaum (1924)

8. Which national film award is given to the 'Best Feature Film on National Integration' ?
(A) Indira Gandhi Award
(B) Nargis Dutt Award
(C) Swarna Kamal (Golden Lotus)
(D) Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus)
Nargis Dutt Award

>>> longest river is nile but Amazon carries maximum amount of water into the sea.

>>> SBI earlier known as Imperial bank of India, which was formed by amalgamation of 3 banks in 1920
1. Bengal bank
2. Bank of Madras
3. Bank of Bombay(hint all the 3 major british cities)

all b best

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1. Get out, get going' is the punch line of
(a) Head & Shoulder (b) Pantene
(c) Shock (d) none of these
.2. Which among the following brands is the world's largest tea brand?
(a) Lipton (b) Tetley
(c) Tata Tea(India's largest) (d) None of these
.3. Which among the following statements is/are true vis-a-vis Touchier.'
(a) It is a new name adopted by Bharti Telecom for basic telecom business
(b) It is a subsidiary of Bharti Telecom for its overseas operation
(c) It is a subsidiary of Bharti Telecom for its ISP business
(d) None of these(smthing related to blackberry)
4. Which among the following brands does not belong to Nestle?
(a) Sunrise (b) Frappe
(c) Brue (d) Choc Cafe
5. Who among the following persons has received the first Wha rton Indian Alumni
(a) Mukesh Ambani (b) Anil Ambani
(c) Sunil Mittal (d) None of them
6. Rolling settlement, which was recently introduced in India, is associated with the
(a) foreign exchange market (b) bullion market
(c) stock market (d) banks
7. Bear market refers to
(a) decrease in stock prices (b) increase in stock prices
(c) stagnant stock prices (d) skyrocketing stock prices
8. De-materialisation of shares means transfer of shares from
(a) manual to depository system(may be this as above phenomena is converting shares from paper format to online fromat, D Mat account thing.)
(b) depository to manual system
(c) depository to depository system
(d) manual to manual system
9. Re- materialisation of shares means transfer of shares from
(a) manual to depository system
(b) depository to manual system
(c) depository to depository system
(d) manual to manual system
.10. Global depository receipts are issued against
(a) government bonds
(b) government treasury bills
(c) underlying domestic shares
(d) certificate of deposits issued by banks
11. Functions of a bank may include
(a) retail operation
(b) Corporate operation
(c) Private banking
Choose the answer from the following choices:
(1) A, B, C (2) A, B
(3) C (4) B, C
12. How many shares are represented in Sensex of the Bombay Stock Exchange?
(a) 33 (b) 32
(c) 31 (d) 30
13. Primary market as a part of the capital market deals with only
(a) old securities (b) new securities(IPO kahte hai isey)
(c) new currency (d) old currency
14. Discount and Finance House of India is a subsidiary of the
(a) Reserve Bank of India
(b) Bombay Stock Exchange
(c) National stock Exchange
(d) Sebi
15. Which among the following is the largest stakeholder of the State
Bank of India?
(a) Government of India(govt bank)
(b) Reserve Bank of India
(c) Unit Trust of India
(d) Tata group
16. Which among the following is e largest stock exchange of India?
(a) Bombay Stock Exchange (b) National Stock Exchange(9th largest in d world)
(c) Delhi Stock Exchange
(d) Calcutta Stock Exchange
17. Tejiwala in the stock market refers to a
(a) bull (faster)(b) bear
(c) financier (d) banker
18. Mandiwala in a stock market refers to a
(a) bull (b) bear(slow one)
(c) financier (d) banker
19. Stag is a kind of
(a) bull (b) bear
(c) financier (d) banker
20. CRISIL is name of one
(a) bank (b) trading organisation
(c) credit rating agency (d) security brooking organisation
21. What is the target for fiscal deficit as a percentage of the GDP during the fiscal
(a) 5.1 % (2) 5.2%
(c) 5.3% (d) 5.4%
22. Cash reserve ratio in India is determined by the
(a) ministry of finance (b) Planning Commission
(c) Sebi (d) Reserve Bank of India
23. Statutory liquidity ratio in India is determined by the
(a) ministry of finance (b) Planning Commission
(c) Sebi (d) Reserve Ba nk of India
24. For foreign exchange intervention, RBI can use
(a) Dollar (b) Yen
(c) Euro (d) Pound
Choose the answer from the following choices:
(1) A, B, C, D (2)A, B
(3) A, C (4) A
25. Bancassurance refers to
(a) assured return made by banks
(b) banks without offering assured return
(c) banks operating insurance business
(d) banks owned by the Government
Insurance ny commercial banks
26. Tie is the abbreviated term of
(a) The Indus Entrepreneurs
(b) The India Entrepreneurs
(c) Technology and Internet Entrepreneurs
(4) none of these
27. Match the following. Column-I represents companies and Column-11 their atta
Column-I Column-II
(a) HLL i. Annupurna
(b) Cargil ii. Nature Fresh
(c) Agro Tech iii. Healthy World
Choose the answer from the following choices:
(1) A- iii, B-ii, C-I (2) A- i, B-ii, C-iii
(3) A- i, B-iii, C- ii (4) none of these
28. Recently, Hindustan Motors (HM) has unveiled its new ambassador model. The
name of the model is
(a) Mondeo (b) Pajero
(c) Retro (d) none of these(avigo, what I know, launched in 2004)
29. Which among the following countries is a home to watch manufacturer Timex
(a) US (b) Switzerland
(c) Germany (d) UK
30. Which among the following is not the B-segment car?
(a) Maruti 800 (b) Maruti Zen
(c) Indica (d) Palio
31. 'Vardenafile', a new anti- impotence drug, is being seen as a challenge to Pfizer's
Viagra. It is owned by
(a) Eli Lilly (b) GlaxoSmith Kline
(c) Bayer (d) none of these
32. Which among the following ministry deals with anti-dumping cases in India?
(a) Ministry of finance (b) Ministry of commerce
(c) Ministry of industry (d) None of these
33. In relation to Indian EXIM policy, SEZ stands for
(a) Special Export Zone (b) Special Economic Zone
(c) Special Excise Zone (d) None of these
34. Which among the following is wrongly matched?
(a) Thailand bath (b) Malaysia - ringitt
(c) Indonesia rupiah (d) Singapore - peso($s)
35 Which among the following is the largest producer of tea in the world?
(a) Sri Lanka (b) India
(c) China (d) Kenya
36. Which among the following is the No 3 economy of Latin America?
(a) Brazil (b) Chile
(c) Argentina (d) Mexico
37. Circuit filters and circuit beakers are associated with
(a) bourse (b) television channels
(c) Reserve Bank of India (d) none of these
38. Non-performing Asset (NPA) as a term is associated with
(a) infrastructure sector (b) banking sector
(c) public sector (d) none of these
39. Moody's, Standard and Poors are the name of
(a) banks (b) management consultancies
(c) credit rating agencies (d) non-profit organisations
40. 'Call rate' is associated with the
(a) stock market (b) money market
(c) capital market (d) none of these

puff!!! i tried my best.... i hv written some hint though

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