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can anyone please share the phone number of IMT dubai's boys hostel.. its pretty urgent..

Thanx in advance!

1 female ROOMMATE required!!

Flat Details: 2 bhk, fully furnished (AC, Fridge,geyser,furniture, almirah), Rent per person: 7,500, Deposit:25,000, Location: SV road, near irla market

Contact: Akanksha Agrawal: 9711128818 or Tanya Srivastava

Please contact directly if interested..

PS no spamming please..!!

has anybody got confirmation for the demand draft??

Name :-Rhythm Chawla
Place:- Delhi
Working\fresher (age):-1.5 yrs work-ex (24yrs)
Any other requirement:-Furnished/Proximity to college/Good locality/Fast Internet connection

guys plz post the right link! nmims.edu is not working, and the link shared shows only the gdpi call letter

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Hi puys,

it may sound silly, but i have forgotten the names of the books which i had in college..

can u plz tell me the names for the buks we had for:
circuits and systems
communication systems
consumer electronics

wud be of great help!!

thanx in advance!! :cheers:

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ayushi88 Says
Hi Shitij..which train and what date from chandigarh ?

I also have my interview on 2nd april 9AM slot..
I boarding from Delhi
but coming back to chandigarh from kanpur central to chd.. 2nd april itself.. 8:30PM unchahar express...
wud be great if u guys wanna tag along in that..
let me know. then we can buk our tickets together...
make it fast, coz only 22 tickets left!!
randheer kumar Says
there was no extempore??

the extempore was in between the PI.. they asked me to speak on Electronics for 2 mins

had my interview yesterday..
Location: Delhi
CAT percentile: 93.6

the process starts at sharp 9AM.. so be ON TIME

brief intro about the college and the process.. the person who introduced everything was too good.. made the tension of the room go away :clap:

started off with the Essay "Corporate Social Responsibility is no more a choice but a must for sustainable development"
we had a choice with a topic related to global warming.. but the majority chose the first one..

then the psychometric test for around 15 mins.. it was an easy thing.. no right or wrong.. so be yourself!!

my s.no was 9.. so had to wait for around 2.5 hours.. all my docs were checked in between

Panel.. L:lady ; G1: guy 1; G2: guy 2

G2: hi rhythm, briefly introduce yourself
me: bla bla bla...

L: ECE to job in IT.. why this mismatch?
me: explained

L: what from ECE do u use in infosys?
me: explained.. not v convincing though :banghead:

G2: u have done ur engineering in ECE.. can u speak on Electronics for 2 mins
me: spoke.. stopped twice in between.. was not that great, in the end said.. thats all i can speak on :banghead:

G2: so tell me, what has been recent updates in the economic world
me: talked abt the bailout to greece

G2: wat are the problems in greece and wat lead to it
me: explained

G2: give me an insight on 2g scam
me: explained

L: tell me 3 women CEO's from India
me: gave her around 5

G2: tell me about your strengths
me: communication skills

G2: how n examples
me: explained

G2: another strength
me: told and explained

G1: how can u use communication skills in MBA/marketing (ws asked abt splization earlier)
me: spoke a lot

G1: tell me the best company that uses communication skills today(he meant advertising wise)
me: i dont know sir :banghead:
(he kept stuck on the question for around 10-15 secs)

L: what other calls do u have?
me: IMT, NMIMS.. just told these 2 they were the best ones i had

G2: thats all.. thank u, u may go
me: thank u sir/mam...

it was an ok expereince.. i did not perform that well
still.. i have my fingers crossed ...

all the best to all the puys .. go break a leg!! :cheers:

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alankartripathi Says
wht is the duration of entire process? i will have to book my return tickets. plz help

i also wanna know the same... i have morning slot of 9AM on 2nd april... can i book a 4:30 train the same day?? is it possible/good idea??