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Sad end to my first CAT season :|, a season full of ups and downs.

Congratulations to all successful puys. Wishing you all a similar result in all walks of life, and try to stay active on pg after your admission too

The not-so-big failure in ma life

In these past few days I thought a lot about what to write next. ...................

a boring and long post. Had nothing to do on a Sunday morning.

nice analogies heh
kshar Says
does anyone know where to look up results for overseas candidates (those who applied through the GMAT)??

You had interview together with CAT-based candidates right..? Because I remember an overseas guy in my GD group and his name is on the final list too. So I think overseas candidates are also on the same list.

WL - 145

but congrats to all those who made it!!

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w/l 145
Even divine intervention will fall short I guess

but congrats to all of you who made it!! You guys totally deserve it

Here comes my date with my first love IIMA

VERDICT: Love to see the outcome.

Is it not possible to go back to your current job after 2 yr mba..? Why are the profs so concerned about loss of salary etc.. ? Profs are so cynical!!

A bit off the topic, why not do pgpx since you are so talented and already have so much workex.. ? That course is not good?
@Kamalaandi: Ya I guess that the predominant feeling amongst the prospective fucchas here is that C is a Fin-focused, non-stylish, ugly, and lazy campus .

First of all guys, C is a quant-focused campus, rather than so much of a fin-focused campus. The emphasis on numbers is apparent in every subject here. Even in subjects like HR, numbers are used liberally to explain loads of stuff (eg, in a job interview, why an unpredictable, risky candidate is better than a consistent, but average performer).

I think a lot of the image of C being a Fin campus comes due to the experience of the Fin faculty here, and how they teach the subjects. For instance, Prof Purushottam Sen, after teaching about trend analysis in the stock market, has the guts to say "While all of this is true, none of this might work in the real world, cos of reasons. Don't come and shout at me then", instantly sending the class into spontaneous laughter and applause!
(I am not a fin guy, so don't remember the exact reasons).

Secondly, while we do not have imposing, weird buildings designed by some fancy foreign architect, we do have a friendly campus with buildings half-hidden amongst trees, meshing completely, and becoming a part of the surroundings. As was said rightly by convolutedsignal around 5 years back, this place is not larger than life, it's downright friendly. A stranger coming for the first time here is not greeted with a haughty, stiff and unyielding building, but instead with the image of free birds flying over one of the 7 lakes.

Third, Joka is not a campus given to hyperactive PR. We do not have skimpily-clothed actresses coming over to give us lectures in the classrooms. We still do manage to elicit praises from the best marketing companies though.

Fourth, someone here said that C's alumni base is a lil weak when compared to some other institute. Ppl, IIMA's placement incharge (Prof Saral Mukherjee) passed out of Joka. Similarly, the man responsible for IIMB's meteoric rise in the 90's, Professor Prakash Apte, passed thorugh the same corridors of Joka long back. The industry, whether, i-banking, consulting, marketing, or IT, are filled with IIMC alums. After all, think about it, IIMC is the oldest IIM, and has consistently had larger batches than other contemporary IIMs. To say that the IIMC alum base is inferior to any institute in the country is just a case of ppl trying to rationalise perceptions gathered from tabloids and their favorite chaiwallahs.

Finally, if you still have doubts about the non-fin streams here at IIMC, read this interview of Leena Chatterjee (one of the most respected and loved teachers) here. Her course Management of Self is one of the most sought-after courses in the 5th term by the arriving exchange students.

And ya, the students here are pretty helpful too. Both inside and outside the classroom. :)

wow... that "management of self" kind of stuff really turns me on

I'd choose C over A if I get through both .... sad that I would probably not make it to C coz of low extra currics.. acads is ok, so A is the only hope T_T
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did anyone else receive the mail for the Income-Linked Tuition Fee Waiver scheme?
i received a mail today and have to send the form to IIMA by 20th April.

rajesh_p Says
yup...it was in Spam Box..... Thanks for ur info.....

Was in spam box... thanks guys
So since the income ceiling for scholarship isn't yet decided, everyone can have a shot at it, is it?

Does anyone know what was the ceiling last time? Just to get an idea whether I should apply or not.

Did IIMA release any document last year regarding weightage given to Essay and PI?

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hey guys...had my interview on 30th afternoon in ahmedabad...had this topic "Should Nehru's temples of learning remain elitist?"...nd i confused "temples of learning" with "school of thought" and wrote about socialism..
now i am worried i'l lose lot of marks in essay. Though my interview was good..can anyone plz tell how much the essay screw up might affect my chances?

I don't think the essay carries too much weightage.. probably around 20% (speculation only). In any case if you have presented your ideas well you should get some points... and I know many people who have screwed up their essays (including yours truly ).

Of course, people who wrote a good essay should and will certainly have an advantage, but I am quite sure there won't be any cut-off marks in the essay. I hope the seniors shed some light on this as I also wrote a bad essay. Any senior who got through IIMA with a very poor essay?