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Selling Pagalguy as an advertising/marketing medium to b-schools is not only an enriching experience but also an entertaining one. This is because before you actually get to meet the person in charge of buying advertisin
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while working as an Account manager of Indian IT Co, went on a cold call to a engg college in UP. Somehow got inside fooling chowkidar. At the reception: Me:Can i see mr xyz, director? Lady: Regarding? Me:Giving her card, i am from ABC co & would like to discuss our solutions. Lady: briefly looking at my card, takes me to certain mr xyz1. Me: Hello sir XYZ1:Hi, So u r the Account manager in ABC. Me:yes. XYZ1:(before i could make sales pitch)kitna paisa milta he? Me:Stumped!I tried to play it off and gave a two minute sales pitch. XYZ1:(He didnt understand a single thing about my solution/product, he almost looked like a alien!) Me:Sensing something wrong, i scanned his table, and noticed only vouchers & bills etc. Immediately i excused myself and asked him whether he takes care of IT. XYZ1:he said he is an accountant.

Can anyone share me link, or give a free copy of Call recorder application for Nokia E63.

Before people demand answers for their questions, let me ask everyone a question, how many Indians are ready to pay higher prices for these facilities.

We are a hypocritical lot. We want better train facilities, better roads, better infrastructure, better everything but we dont want to pay for anything. Not only that we even find ways to weasel out of the already low price we pay for these facilties. In UK for a 2 hr travel time you have to pay around 7000 Rs and you get all the facilities you mentioned. Do you see anything like this happening in India ? We get the travel facilities we deserve, for the money we pay. Period.

I am pretty sure, for the money we pay, we could have all the facilities we want, even double the facilities. Had it been no political interference, no vested interest, sincerity, management and will... Because we are indians and unlike UK/US, unlike IBM/Accenture there are Wipro/HCL who can do the same work, at half the resource, double the result, with worldclass standards!
Well i really don't doubt your intent though, you are one of those who thinks, quality is a direct function of price...;)
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Miss Mamta banerjee:

Can trains run on time?
Can realtime info on trains be available?
Can station amenities be improved?
Can railways gurantee safety?
Can WT/Staff travellers penalised?
Can IRCTC Website be trusted during peak hours?
Can we have alternative channels for ticket booking? e.g. Mobile
Can introduction of new trains, addition of frequency be a direct function of demand not merely political mileage?

Nothing of these seems happening...

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Anyone read:
The World According To Cyrus - Karl, Aaj Aur Kal by Cyrus Broacha
The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle

Please post your review...
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Guys, I will cite couple of reasons that i would think matters NOT to take a specialization:

  1. Some specialization draw fat paychecks, so i should go for it.
  2. All my friends are going for one specialization, so i should go for it.
  3. Companies in my placements come looking for a specific specialization, so i should go for it.
  4. College is not offering a particular specialization because of less no of MSG (Minimum Students Guaranteed), so i should go for others.
  5. I am a graduate in one stream, i should only go for that specialization. E.g, Commerce guys are pushed for Finance.
I suggest, guys first each and everyone needs to understand self. Understand thyself. Your likings, dislikings etc. Easy way to find that out is, do a google, go for a Job aptitude test online. Then spend some time, introspecting. You will then realize what you want.

Other way to address the confusion would be, get some Job Descriptions/ KRA for some profile from JobSites. e.g. Business Analyst with Wipro, BDM with HCL, Sales Manager with ITC. And read through these JDs and find out whether what these guys do day in day out really interests you or not. Probably that would give an indication as to what kind of profile is more suited to your likings and you can then plan the best suited specialization for that.

Guys lets be very logical here. Lets not impose on others. Everyone is entitled to own's view. Thats perfectly fine. Lets not start a mudslinging match!

Lets paint a UNBIASED picture of IBA to prospective joinees. Report the fact. Be specific. No qualitative statement. e.g. IBA is fraud. Give some data. Where are the supportings?

Keep it Simple and Specific. Let others draw their own conclusions.

My take on IBA has been captured over the years in Life @ IBA thread. At this point lot of water has passed below the bridge and its not prudent to give a view on IBA. I have not been to college for quite some time now.

I am currently working in an IT company and address Education vertical in India. I have seen lot of Institutes/Universities closely and that too from their management's eyes. A simple conclusion: IBA is worth. I was double the salary that i got during placement by 18 months on the job.

I suggest guys from IBA to state loads of facts. Genuine facts. Guys outside do your homework. Then come.

All the best.

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sowmyagundepudi Says
and i do have a doubt most often we usually write ps: what do ps stand for?
PS stands for 'postscript': a note appended to a letter after the signature
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can u pls suggest any books for accountancy...the basic books....
Fundamentals Of Accounting And Finance by Nagaraja Naidu
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Is this my senior or??.....
or what? Please specify the other option.
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Anyways if this post is from s senior...Good Evening Senior.....
'Else' what?
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Anyways i dint get that line which contains hands n legs........what ever
If you didn't like Bangalore weather, may i know your ideal weather conditions?

PS: You might ask chandu for a "Humour Resource Management" & might as well read "Mediocre But Arrogant" by Abhijit Bhaduri.
sowmyagundepudi Says
In the intial stages the weather of banglore was like hell.
Would give my left hand to be in Blore!!!

sowmyagundepudi Says
Chandu sir's first lecture was damn good and prooved all our presumptions from ...you know various sources .....to be wrong.
What is he up to now days???