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Wow Congratulations Abhishek. Der is a person from Mumbai. Better you join the fb group of W&M; 2014 which will be mentioned in your admission's email, den u can get in contact with all the admitted people.

Once again congratulations

I guess the facebook page is working fine now. Check it now................ if not drop a mail to amanda and add anyone who had already joined the group and request him to add u to the group.

Anyways definitely the facebook link should be working.

I have paid my deposit by taking DD from ICICI bank. They took around 30 hrs to issue the DD.

Yes I'm taking the offer :cheerio:. Even I'm working on the financial documents for I-20. I guess it will take couple of weeks to complete the entire process.

Are u on W&M; 2014 facebook group ?

Actually I wanted to know the start date of the classes which I guess will be mentioned in I-20 so I can plan accordingly. Do u have any idea probably when the classes gonna commence ?

Hey I also met "kandulab". He is also taking the offer.

Guys anyone else who have decided to join W&M; :clap


Who all are in for Mason 2014 ?

Did anyone got der I-20 ?

The expense for the 1st year is coming to $55,380. Exlucing the one time expense in the 2nd year, the total expense for 2nd year is coming to $54,580. So, total expense for whole program (without any financial aid from the school) is coming to $109,960 (Approx. Rs.55 Lakhs).

I got this information from http://mason.wm.edu/programs/ftmba/a...tion/index.php

* Could someone please confirm if the total expense is actually going to come so much?
* Anyway we could reduce the total expense? If yes, How and by how much?
* Should one expect any other expenses other than the ones mentioned above?
* I didnt get any Graduate Assistantships. Is it still possible to get a Graduate Assistantships in the 2nd year?

Hi Unniv,

In the fee structure that the University has mentioned, Computer/Software holds $ 3500 which I dont think it will cost so much. So I guess we can reduce at least $1000 - $1500 in this part. And coming to living expenses few of my MBA friends said it would cost around $800-$1000 / month. The living expenses if worked hard can be covered if you get part-time job.

And I guess we should consider one more point that's mentioned in the admission letter that the tuition fee might be increased in May-2012 for academic year 12-13. So we should even take this into consideration.

These are few of my interpretations.


This is Raviteja from Hyderabad. I too got admitted to W&M; with $ 24,000 scholarship :clap::clap:.


Got Interview Invite. And the invite says that I will be interviewed by Admissions team and career services team :shock:

Did anyone get such mail ? What will they interview regarding my area of interest ? Did anyone opt for Operations management ?

Guys who are selected can you share your profile plz.....

Hi Shiz2012 and Duttada18

Even I was searching regarding this school from past few days and I didn't end up finding any. I tried to get in contact with existing students but that process is still going on.....Did anyone of you find anything about the school ? If yes please share it in the forum. It will be really appreciable.

I will let you guys know if I found out any


Hi Akshay,

I m very much interested in doing my MBA from KATZ. Below is my profile and I need few inputs from you before I apply

GMAT: 640 (48Q , 29V)
WE: 3 yrs (By fall 2012) with Top MNC in India
SSC:- 81%
Inter:- 77%
B.Tech:- 3.5/4.0
Extra Curr:- Good

TOEFL:- 97 ( )

The only problem I'm facing with my applications is my TOEFL which is below 100 and der are no dates before Feb 1 to apply for scholarship consideration :banghead:
Tuition and Financial Aid Katz Graduate School Pitt Business

Will der be anyway Katz can consider giving a waiver to me ? I had undertaken many seminars and sessions in my office and during my engineering (for which I have proofs if they need) and can any of these activities make Katz to consider giving a waiver. Because without scholarship, I'm not sure if I can pursue an MBA.

Your inputs are highly valuable