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Hi All,
I get visitor messages expressing their wish to be part of the study group. Those who are interested, please PM me ur email id/phone no. so that things happen faster and I am able to pull u in for the next meet.

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hii ppl..
since there is a whole bunch of ppl out there attending byjus's classes..
why not form a group that meets-maybe an hour before the sessions-
to discuss the prev sessions..
to discuss questions from the prev session's handouts...and questions from other sources in the same topic...
i guess this'll be very useful!!
any takers???:|
Good idea... Since good no. of regular puys in this thread are from our study group, this can be part of our group activity as well...Would help those who are not attending Byju as well...Also, we can get to know the approach of other training instis.
Lets plan this properly and make it a habit to meet b4 his classes...

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Hi Folks,

Few of the puys are meeting at cafe coffee day near jyothi nivas college in koramangala on this friday, 27 march , 4 pm :clap:. This would be the first step of forming a study group for bangalore puys. Those who are interested can PM me and I will let you know of any updates.

I also observe that we have all slowly drifted from the basic purpose of starting this thread. Those of u having concerns other than forming a study group can find a proper thread or start a new one to post your opinions. This would help all the puys who are searching the forums.

Ravi .

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Can somebody pls confirm whether u guys met atleast once or not?
This thread is getting nowhere with puys asking again n again abt study groups. In case you have not, lets all meet this weekend. Those of u interested, send me ur contact no. in PM. I will organise this.


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Hi All,

I am Ravi(shankar) from bangalore and glad to find this thread. Have you all guys met already as discussed here? If not, I would like to join as well.

Lets all form a proper study group as many of us wont be enrolling to coaching instis.

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PS: This is my first ever post and tell me if I have violated any rules or sound so formal...

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Hi Friends,
I am Ravishankar giving my CAT this year.
Started preparing quite late, lets see how it turns out.
Share if u have any good tips, techniques etc... and I ll do the same.
Lets crackCAT.
Cheers n wishes,