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i wanted to know whether entrepreneurship development(centers of excellence) is a separate course??
and wat bout the ecell...can students of marketing get into this??
or in ne way the entrepreneurship culture of scmhrd will help students in marketing??

plz answer this catalysis...
wud be grtful

Since SCMHRD follows what is called a "basket of electives" you are free to select electives from any or all of the centers of excellence. Entrepreneurship has electives starting from the second semester, and all students are free to select these electives.
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Will the material be given as PDF files (ie online) ,or interactive or will they be sending books (study material ) to the students addresses? How do they conduct the online course?


Last year the material was in 2 formats. PDF files for Management, on-line for the rest. Can't say what it will be this year. only time will tell that.

You will be provided log in details to the SCMHRD website where the material will be hosted. You will need to log in and pursue the course online.
Hi Ravi

Since your now on his thread again, why dont you reply to the queries put up by fellow puys, after the response from SCMHRD.

Also, please specify, that as the 1st WL is already cleared, in case of any more cancellations, there obviously will be a 2nd WL right?

I feel you can answer questions about your transperancy, with your work, and transparent, objective responses. No student will have a problem, if everything is specified clearly.


The college would like to be completely transparent about the admissions process, please wait for an official response from the college for the queries raised till now.

As for the wait list. if there are vacancies after the 1st wl, they will be filled from the second wait list.

Anyways if there are any seniors going thru this thread, i would like to know abt the marketing of SCMHRD...cuz i am planning to take up the same... any books tht we can read as we are relatively free these days...any online links tht we can go thru...

Marketing is fairly decent at SCMHRD. I am taking up marketing as my
"minors" so to speak.

Wait for another few days and on the 11th you should have a bunch of material to read, in Math, Stats, Accounting, Behavioural Studies, General Management and the works. Will take up some of your free time. :)

Brush up your statistics.
From the SCMHRD Admissions Officer, in response to all queries regarding wait list and movement of the wait list.

It is expected that students joining B school at post graduate level will at least do basic mathematics before writing emails/posts emotionally.

Look at the mathematics below :

Approved vacancy : 240
SC quota 15% : 36
ST quota 7.5% : 18
Sponsorship quota 15% : 36
Handicapped 3% : 08
J&K; migrants : 02
Balance for merit students : 140 seats

We had 156 merit students who had paid fees from which around 13 have cancelled. We still have 143 students who have confirmed their acceptance.

So what is it the student community talking about transparency.

Relax students, calm down. We appreciate your concern and understand your anxiety. But expressing frustrations in public forum without due diligence is not good quality.

SCMHRD loves to be transparent to student community and it has always ensured it, and shall continue to do it.

You are still free to exercise your rights.

Prof Sasmit V

@scmhrd seniors

Plz...i request you to atleast remove the confusion about whether the results r coming out TOMM or not......u can tell us atleast that much....

The results are not going to be declared tomorrow.
rohit.varun Says
hi i cannot find the link to view the result. plz help!

You are looking at the 2007 thread.

Please head over to the 2008 thread. The results for SCMHRD will be out on / before the 25th.
chintan.lucky1 Says
does Nebody Have An Idea How To Go About Admission Through Management Quota???...

Admissions in the management quota are handled in a central process by the Symbiosis Society. Please contact them at 020 - 2565 2444.

Please continue this conversation at the 2008 thread.
Hi Ravi/Ajay

can u check mine please...my issue was with wrong work-ex tenure...

Done. Updated
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schumiii90 Says
Hope u have updated my record as well..Thanks anyways!!!

Yes, we have.