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Does anyone knows what's the job profile offered for this post
Ravi Kiran @ravicmd16

it is SME loan factory job.loan proposal appraisal etc

when wl be bob reslt out..guys,,,,,,,,

when wl be bob reslt out..guys

U r in 4 sure
There are 1200 seats and people who's ranks are within 1000 will remain in the final list also
until and unless they have very poor COMMUNICATION SKILLS :w00t:
the last 200 will be at risk as most of other candidates will be some what very close to each other
So just chill even if u have done average interview

yar but im a obc candidate
shantanu121287 Says
hey dude what's your score?

my score is 161 marks but my intervw was held in hyd,, no banking or finance ques asked..jst avgg interviw

161 marks n im obc cndidate

but still im tensed

guys my bob po rank is 155(obc)..intrvw was avg..wt r my chance..plz tel me

hey,guys my bob rank is 155(obc)..interview was avg...wt r my chances...plz reply

hey guys what is the total marks for interview in bob po