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  • Ravish
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Hi Puys,
i was supposed to take XAT this year for a suitable college,but turns out most of the colleges i want to apply to require only GMAT as i complete 2 years out of India and this will make me an NRI.Could anybody please advise if its mandatory that an NRI can only give GMAT scores or can give XAT scores as well.Furthermore i have to pay the fees in US dollars which is a further hurdle for me.If anybody has come across a similar case,please do let me know a suitable solution.(pls redirect me if posted this in the wrong thread)


@visionIIM-ACL said:

For a non APICS member ( non student ), it is approx 57.5k INR here

Hi Vision,

Could you pls advise if this includes the test as well?i heard the test cost is seperate.


Hi Puys,
I plan on answering XAT this year.Could anybody please tell me when roughly the results will be out in 2013?Also can i purchase the admission forms of the colleges after the results are out?example for GIM/LIBA..
Thankss in advance for your replies

Hi Avinash & fellow Puys,

Could anybody please advise the number of correct questions in XAT/NMAT per section we need in order to score atleast 90percentile .

Hi Puys,can anybody let me know the total cost of CSCP in India;I'm in Dubai at the moment and the cost is approx USD4000

@pram85 said:
as far as i knw these colleges don't have any sectional cutoff... LIBA had it earlier(I had faced d heat of it ).... bt now they too don't have it anymore....
Thanks Pram85 for your replies,much appreciated! I'm currently working in Dubai and will be in India from the 6th dec 2012 untill 12th Jan 2013(annual holiday),during this time ,can any puys help and advise which all tests i can take? i need to get into a bschool by 2013 anyhow :)
Thankyou guys for the replies!

Thankyou for your reply..Please advise if GIM/LIBA/IFMR have sectional cutoffs(i'm kinda new to this so i dont have much idea)

Thanks,can anybody suggest schools on par with GIM?

Hi Puys,
I plan on giving XAT 2013 and looking specifically at GIM.Can anybody tell me what were the cutoffs last year?

hi puys,

i have 70% in 10th and graduation but 52% in 12th..currently i'm in UAE ,Am i eligible for any bschool in India? sorry to have this posted here if its the wrong place to post :).Im inclined towards GIM.Also i'm an NRI,will this affect in anyway??

help pls..

Thanks in advance!