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I am new to GMAT prep, i have seen all messages and every one writes Kaplan and OG 12 , can some one help me where can i get this and what exactly are these

Hi Rahul.sethi,

These are the books which many ppl prepare for the GMAT, OG is the official Guide for GMAT Edit-12 which GMAC (creators of GMAT) publish. and Kaplan is another brand(publisher) which has good books for GMAT.
You can buy these books from Himalaya book store in hyd and also u can get them online :

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Flipkart :
Kaplan :Flipkart.com: Kaplan Gmat Premier Program 2008 Edition: Kaplan: Books Buy Kaplan Gmat India in India
OG12 : Flipkart.com: The Official Guide For Gmat Review 12th Edition: Graduate Management Admissions Council: Books Buy 978 0470449745 in India


Hi Aneel,

i have a quick question.. can u tell me which is best among the two below.

1) Buying OG12
2) buying OG for verbal and OG for Quant. both seperately.

Im planning to do self study as Im from Vizag, and Im planning to buy Kaplan and OG .

Please suggest me the best way I can do.



Iam a into software for last 4 years having B.tech (CSE ) background. Iam intersted in doing MBA- entrepreneurship. Can you please suggest me the best course of action for doing this MBA.

I want to know the best bSchools providing the course and what are required to get into those big shot bSchools.

Plzz plz plz help by suggesting the top bSchools specializing in MBA - entrepreneurship.


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