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Pratik_b Says
But is there any deduction made as I will be canceling from PGDM and moving to MMS?

no deductions, on the other hand, u will get a refund, as MMS is less expensive as compared to PGDM
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Hello Seniors,

I am going to take admission for PGDM but I do have a change to get in MMS. I wanted to know if my fees will be transferred directly and how much will the college deduct from my PGDM fees.

Please help me with my query.


yes the fee will be transferred directly for MMS, and the difference in the fee will be paid to you,
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I have a few queries regarding the fees and its submission process for MMS course in general. Since I'm not from Maharashtra so I don't have too much of insight into the same. I have a few confusions. It would be very appreciative if somebody (preferably some senior) can help clarify my doubts.
1. How much time will I be given to submit my fees. I would be coming all the way from Odisha to do the same. As per my knowledge I would be having 3 days to report to the institute. That's according to last year dates.
2. I want to pursue Edu Loan for the the payment of entire tution fee. Now if I go by last year's notifications for an institute lets say Welingkar's, aspirants were given 3 days again to submit their drafts and arranging around Rs. 2 Lakhs in a short notice is not easy. And on top of that I would be going for Edu Loan, which again would take time to get it sanctioned, and it will require some allotment letter from the Institute itself.

I know these doubts are pre mature but then again I just want to be clear on the financials. Seniors please please please help me clarify the above doubts.

Pooja, contact this number Tel : +91 22 2845 4949, +91 22 2845 3982
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seniors i have got 95.29 percentile and 2 years of experience in IT.
and my name didnt appered in first list and not in both the waiting list.
what are my chances for pgdm.
seniors please help plz.[/QUO

the list contains the name of " acceptable students", put in the order of their performance in the admission process,
If your name hasnt appeared in the list, then you cant make it to PGDM, for that year,
try for MMS, and/or try next year
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SHUBHAM9783 Says
seniors please update us on the number of students cleared from the waiting list.

1st wait list cleared completely
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1st wait list cleared completely

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qwerty111 Says
how about sies??...traveling is not an issue for me...

SIES is comparable to Dalmia in ranking, but the professors for marketing in dalmia are simply great
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qwerty111 Says
i ve converted sies pgdm and chetana pgdm and mostly dalmia mms too...i want to specialise in marketing...which is the best college among these three for marketing??..especially between sies and dalmia which is better??

it depends upon which part of Mumbai u live in,,,,because commuting eats up a lot of time,
Marketing in dalmia is GREAT( from personal experience), so if u are in western part of mumbai,,,,nothing like it
bhavinhariya Says
what is the highest and avg salary offered to students in N L Dalmia for year 2011? i m interested in finance and preparing for my CAT/CET...is dalmia college good for MBA in finance and what is the avg salary offered to students in finance for year2011?

the highest that i have heard is 11 lakhs, average is near 4.5-5.5 lakhs,
Dalmia is GREAT for marketing and Finance both
resh123 Says
puys..m in real dilemma..i hv already taken admission in dalmia IN HR..and started with the collg too..but yesterday got a call frm sies for pgdm..shud i take it?? the prob with dalmia is mainly the distance ..i am staying there as a paying guest..tht wouldnt b the case with sies..but at the same time i've already started the course..if i hd taken finance i wouldnt hv given it even a second thought..but its hr so m really confused....dnt know wht to do..plz help..

go for SIES cause commuting does take a toll on studies,,,,,,and SIES is a good college too
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