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a little input on the dressing i wil seriously suggest that girls don't wear western formals, salwar and saree both will do...

for guys i think tie is a must...

@atila - i think its always better to carry ur certis, it will be handy in case profs are interested. under normal circumstances they wont even glance at ur file. come with a photocopy of all the certificate which is mentioned "to be brought" in the letter by admission ofice.

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Thanks a lot sir , i just need to know if my form has reached or no. Staying in bangalore the form should've reached within 2days by speed post. ??:
Also one more thing. I forgot to mention my name and XAT ID on the backside of the DD.:(
Will that be a problem ? i have enclosed the DD , the score card and the Payment advise form. Are my chances of getting a call good , bad , or ugly ?
Thanks again.!

stop sirring yaar...we will find it out 2mrw and will post...dont worry things will be ok

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hey puys

check out the latest updates of placements in LIBA

::: LIBA ::: Placement Records

all the best

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hey Alchemist986

u have pretty good chance of getting a call...as u would have read in prospectus sent to u after u r called for gd ur XAT marks are not accounted...so its up to ur performance in GD and PI that will get u thru...

being a fresher doesn't mean u dont have a chance. i myself was a fresher...


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please go through the thread u will get all the replies u are looking for

hi Pranay

check the earlier posts by einstien u will get the complete placement senario...if u want detail abt any particular stream do post...

we will reply u at the earliest...

all the best



anyone saw the new iodex ad...awesome i will say...

initially i thought its gonna give some social message or something but climax was anticlimax

hey fringant

as u know that u can apply to LIBA even after XAT results are out so why dont u wait for it and then apply...

during my time i remember that quants was given importance...at our time that is in 2005 DI and quants were together...i remember friends having more %tile than me but not getting a call coz thr quants were less than 90% but cant say abt now...my suggestion will be wait for ur result see if its above 85 atleast then apply else dont...

i m in my final sem at liba...

all the best...

they are trying to associate energy and freshness with tea,

never thought enery n freshness comes only when u get a gal
there can be much better way to present it... that ad is one of those which will make u change the channel :satisfie:

i m praying that actors one day will listen to scripts then do the ad