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Hey SIMC-B Aspirants,

Consider the following facts before you join:

  1. The Average package is NOT 5 Lakhs as mentioned. Only a couple of people have got 5 Lakhs. Only 6 out of 51 people have gotten placed as of Today (15th Feb 2011).
  2. Yes, the placements depends a lot on the effort of the Placements Team, and we do have a very dedicated team working on it.
  3. Faculty wise, there are some great visiting faculty coming in once in a while, but other than that, there's nothing much to write home about.
  4. The facilities - Classrooms, Hostel, Mess and the Campus at large are really good, and are at par with International Standards. (Wifi Sucks tho )
  5. This MBA is good for Media Planning, Account Planning (The more Strategic Part of Advertising. DO NOT come in if you want to make Creative/Copywriting your future.
  6. You DO NOT need an MBA in Advertising or PR to make it big in the Media Industry. MOST of the guys working in reputed agencies do not have an MBA in Ad/PR. If you really want an MBA, try it out with MBA Marketing, as most of them have that background.Try Interning in an Ad/PR Agency for a month or so and get a feel of what its like. The work is really taxing, most of the times.
  7. Look before you leap. Symbiosis is a great brand. So is SIMC. But great brands also have a few niggles at the start. If you feel you have a single minded focus and dedication and feel SIMC-B WILL provide you the platform for it, then do jump in.

Hope this post provides you guys with an insider, unbiased viewpoint from a proud SIMC'ian

All the best!
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got adm in bglr campus for MBA-ad !!! what to do yar ?? howz bglr campus??
what about placements n all !! any snr from bglr campus?????
plz help

Hey (Whatever Your Name is),

Congrats for getting into the Bangalore campus of SIMC.
I'm Arvind M B from the Senior Batch.

Just to clear your doubts on certain issues,
The infrastructure here at the Bangalore Campus is brilliant, from hostel rooms to mess to class rooms.

Placements-wise, we are the first batch, so placements will not happen till early 2011. But yes, as for the Summer Internship Placements, the entire batch has been placed at reputed agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Genesis, Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick, Text100 et all.

Hope this puts you at more ease and clarifies your doubts.

For any more info, please mail me at arvind.baspure@simc.edu
Also, the Seniors of SIMC Bangalore have created a Facebook Group especially for the juniors. So please shoot any queries about SIMC (Bangalore only) here:

shivam_cancer Says
hey guys jst calld up rohit(one of the seniors at sibm bangalore) and he told me the results have been uploaded and they are just waiting for some approval to enable the link. thats it. thats authentic. he says he expects the approval within next 5 minutes. lets see. bt he said results will be out today in any case...

Shivam, could pls call up the senior again and ask whats the status and post? it would be very kind on your part to do so.

thanks again!

hey puys just called up SIBM B, (5:15pm), the lady told they're awaiting approval from SIU, and they might upload the results by evening or....

brace yourself, tomorrow morning!

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hey puys, i just called up SIBM B, they said results will be out monday morning!

its more or less confirmed