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Jayanti Says
well..... I hav been a part wid Priceton for some time n found it too cosltly for all that it promises. Just an AC or pretty chairs is all the benfit there. Otherwise - I am aware of a few Faculty getting exchanged wid other Institutes as well like Visu, Jeeva, CF, IMS .... I mena institues do chnage their faculties. Thou i'll agree wid black hole that it is better among the few available in Hyd. It's for us to be disciplined n stay focussed even if we join an Insti..... Amit, Prep also depends on the current level u r on ... hav u taken ur Diag Test?


Do you think that a specialized coaching is necessary for GMAT preparation. I don't have an idea as I have just started my preparation with the Official Review. So far it looks good, but again it will be better if any of you suggest me in this regard. Please help me out..


Dear All,

I am also planning to write GMAT very soon. Please to know that we have so many ppl from Hyd who are writing GMAT. Will be very happy to learn and share information about this prestigious exam.

I have more than two years of work experience.

I have started my preparation with the Official Review. Though not gettin much time to study due to office timings but making the most of whatever is available. Can anyone suggest me if it is right to start with Official Review or should i go for some other material.

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Hi ,

This is Ranjeeth.Working for an MNC from the past two years.Planning to write GMAT in another 4 months from now.Will need all the help that you can do to me to realize my MBA dream.