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Guys i am waitlisted too............guess every1 who s not given a call has been wait-listed...there is not even a wait-list no:............

Seniors please help!

I have 92.2 %ile in XAT...still didnt get any call from IFMR... I have been sending mails to the admission team for 3 weeks...tey had asked me to send the xat score-card..form no: etc..i had send them all of tese..tey .still there is no news if i ll be given a GDPI call ...plzz help..
..reeally gettin mad

app no:10488

Puys...do we hav a facebook page for SITM.....can u give the link if its thr??

wohooo........made it!!!!!!! first convert of the season


nishant6aug Says
same here man!!! even i have started to wonder if there'll be any call :shock:

Same here puys..:( .... :shock: no call on XAT @92.2% ile ....:banghead:
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Puys ....plzz help...had XAT @92 % ile......but still didnt get the call.....what might hav gone wrong..is thr any sectional cut-off?? plzz reply

PUys..I havent received my call yet....Hav 92 percentile in Xat is it enough to clear the cut off??....:|..wen can we expect the mail??.:banghead:..sry for sounding desperate..its coz i am.......

kritigup Says
just got the call letter for gdpi of imt nagpur/hyderabad but that is only on basis ok cat percentile which is just 69..i had provided my xat registration number too afterwards as i got 81.5%ile there. how should i confirm whether they will consider my XAT score as well because its better.?

Same question......can seniors throw some light..:shock:
IF everyone gets selected at IBSAT.then main selection occurs at GD PI round i hope. is it worth trying for icfai hyderabad.i am having 5 years of experience in sales.should i go for it.i am already 30.should i try for cat next year.
pagalguy ranking for icfai hyderabad is decent one i.e 51st college.i have gone thru some threads critizing the credibility of the b shcool. i am bit worried.is there some one to throw light on certain aspects of the college.i have one of my cousins who passed out from icfai hyderabad.she got her starting package of 8 lacs per annum. how difficult is the gd pi round.it would be of great help if some one studying there can share their experience.do we get the full course fee as education loan.does banks ask for collateral security?

Even i have seen lots of posts from students showing IBS in bad light.The AICTE approval has been revoked ,so dont know about the credibility of the course.Bro u have 5+ years of experience the why not try for GMAT and get into better colleges.......
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Puys ..wont we get to know our scores??

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